Monday, May 18, 2009

Republicans just can't help themselves.

You know a week ago, the Left was worried that Obama was going to just sweep this whole torture scandal under the rug. There was even polling out showing that Americans were surprisingly permissive about allowing torture. The Republicans were actually winning the debate with the American people.

But then Pelosi categorically denied being told that classical torture techniques like waterboarding was used. The CIA went on the defensive causing a she said/he siad debate. And the Republicans smelled what they thought was blood in the water.

So now they're calling for Speaker Pelosi's head. Which makes it more likely there will be an investigation of House Intelligence Committee briefings and the crime-torture-that is central to all of the allegations.

In other words, this game of political chicken only works to our advantage.


If I had to come up with a shorter post, I'd say: The GOP is like a guy in a suit covered head to toe in shit. He scrapes off a little of that shit and is throwing it at the chick in a bizness suit.

h/t to Matthew Yglesias.

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