Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today's Featured Artist-Jimmy Buffet

Here he is live at Rockefeller Center doing "Margaritaville."

Friday, August 29, 2008

Here's some sad statistics coming out of Katrina...

McClatchy has an eye popping report about the Katrina dead that challenges most right wing myths.

It turns out the dead were 71% elderly and only 51% black. These were not exactly the rif-raf and welfare queens that Rush, Hannity et al made them out to be.

Katrina toll: Dead weren't disproportionately poor or black

Here's Rush back on September 1, 2005:

The non-black population was just as devastated, but apparently they were able to get out, and the black population wasn't able to get out. Maybe New Orleans has a half decent mass transit people and some of these people don't need cars.

A BoldlyLiberal Exclusive-McCain's birthday cake!!!

Holy crap John McCain is 72 years old today and he has a VP that's almost half his age.

Good times...good times...


Mike Stark over at Huffington Post gives us a nice blog post connecting the dots to McCain's zipper.


McCain's VP pick is being's the GILF!

Oh thank God! We have a GILF to look at during the next RNC convention-which could be possibly postponed by Hurricane Gustave. Seriously...they are talking about postponing the convention.

Back to the GILF!!! Sarah Palin, the Alaskan governor, friend to the Steven's clan that is under idictment, has corruption allegations of her own to fend off. But I think the McCain/Palin campaign is the first "Hot Chick with Douchebag" presidential ticket.

Enjoy the hotness...

HCwDBs picked it up too-

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tonight's Featured

Here he is doing "Yes We Can" live with Johnny Legend and the Agape Choir. This was around 6:30 pm CST today in Denver.

We featured the recorded version of this song a few months ago. Here is the original:

I cry like a baby when I watch that every. god. damn. time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So, I dont think that multiple people are flagging you, Bold. My bunny post was only up for about 10 minutes tonight before it was flagged away (as was last nights post reRave my Boyfriend.) Someone- one sad, pathetic and lonely individual with too much time on their hands- has a flagging program. I havent posted in 6 months yet anything I post is gone immediately. Like I am So Sure that 10 random people actually flagged me. As if! Everyone loves bunnies:)

I suspect bi-polar poet. She was too obesessed with CL to just disappear. And i bet she hates you because youre so much smarter/wittier/cooler than she is...

Tonight's Featured Artists-Keb Mo and Corey Harris

Here they are doing "Sweet Home Chicago."

DNC Convention open thread

I don't have much to say about it honestly. Both of the Clintons' speeches were good. I'm looking forward to hearing Biden.

I thought HRC's remarks went a long way to burying the hatchet and refocusing on the general election. Bill Clinton's speech clarified the differences between GOP rule and Democratic rule nicely by pointing out the torture, Katrina and Iraq.

Feel free to add your impressions of the convention.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tonight's Featured Artist-Steve Turre

Here he is playing Miles Davis' hit "All Blues" on conch shells.

Open thread Tuesday

Rant and rave about whatever you want here.

Sunshine asks about "bi-polar poet."

Man what a piece of work she was/is. She'd write these epic poems without paragraphing...just walls of words.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Today is the first day of the Democratic Party Convention-

Here's a nice plug for Democrats-

This is the debut for the DNC youtube channel convention coverage.

DNC Convention Coverage Online

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My First Video:)

Its a dance along by my favorite band, Le Tigre.


Sunday Open Thread

Feel free to rant and rave about whatever you feel like.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well it's Obama-Biden 08

Joe Biden is the veep.

I like it! I like Biden in the first debate and think his in your face style is going to be great on the campaign trail. He's got a son, a judge advocate, is getting sent to Iraq.

In other news...

The Carpetbagger Report is closing up shop and moving to The Carpetbagger Report was one of the early liberal blogs and for me personally a valuable resource. I wish Steve Benen the best of luck at his new digs.

Tonight's Second Featured Artists-The Beatles

Here they are doing "Tomorrow Never Knows."

h/t to DKos.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tonight's Featured Aritst-Elvis

Here he is doing "Suspicious Minds."

Friday Nite Open Thread- know what to do...

Here's a handy chart..

I saw this a few months ago, but couldn't remember where. Fortunately DKos linked to it. Conservatives love talking taxes and this chart shows you exactly who is proposing to help the middle class more.

Here's the source:

WaPo: McCain/Obama and taxes.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blood in the Water: Obama drops the hammer on gramps

Obama bangs him like a gong...

Tonight's Featured Artist. "Red Hot Chili Peppers"

Suck my kiss.

Thursday open thread

Howdy everyone,

It's nice to see you here baby blue eyes.

You can rant and rave about whatever you want to here. You can have a longer conversation than on the chat widget.

Anything goes on open threads like this. This is basically a rant and raves page. Recent comments, when the widget is working, show up under the chat widget box.

A diary recommendation-McCain as El Cid

I told you when Heston died that El Cid was my favorite movie his. GrandMofTexan at DKos draws a comparison between El Cid and McCain in this hilariously biting diary at the Daily Kos.

It's worth a read.
DKos: McCain is El Cid dead and stuffed on a horse

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Say wha?

Do any of you read this guy Thomas Sowell? He's the right wingers favorite black man.

To be honest when I read this I imagine he must have had an encounter with a teacher who condescended to him or something. From there the poor man just started seeing pinko commies everywhere and all around him.

Give it a read-

I think there is are two basic flaws in the argument here. First Mr. Sowell is making an apples to oranges comparison between homeschoolers and public school teachers. I really don't think a homeschool educator could outperform a professional teacher with 30 kids. Second the materials that homeschoolers use are written by professional academically trained educators.

From there Mr. Sowell uses this ginned up indictment of academically trained public educators and compares, I guess, the state run public school education system, to national efforts of central planning in China and India. That would be an even bigger apples to oranges comparison.

Tonight's Featured Artists-The Red Elvises

Here is my first web video featuring the Red Elvises singing "My Love Is Killing Me."

Open thread Wednesday-

Sunshine wrote this on the Craigslist STL RnR board and I thought it was worth cross posting here:

Something Else To Rant About!

Reply to:
Date: 2008-08-20, 1:05PM CDT

So I bought 32 organizational baskets to put all of my kid's toys in. I spent a lot of time organizing all of the sets together and labeling everything. All of the hard work I did, do you know where all of the toys ended up? That's right, under the god damn bed...AGAIN! I have to come up with a punishment that suits a crime like this. I think the NEW punishment will be, "for every toy I find not in it's proper basket, I will toss in the trash." I wonder how many toys will be thrown away before I am taken seriously. Dont' think I'm too mean, I truly believe learning organizational skills is very important later on in life...for school, work, and even play. I know they get upset when they have misplaced something because it is not put away where they can remember.

I know this is a very boring subject, but to me it beats all of this racial arguing. Besides, I just needed to vent.

Have a great day!

Mr Bold adds:

Organization and the dreaming up punishments for not adhering to prescribed organization paradigm is not boring to paralegals Sunshine. In fact dreaming up ways to punish lawyers, for not putting documents back the way I told them to, is one of the best things about my job.

Lieberman to Speak at GOP Convention

Can you believe this guy? The Democratic vice presidential candidate in 2000, (now a independent) is welcome at the Gang Of pedophiles (GOP) convention. I'm sorry folks, I just can't stand Lieberman.

Click here for the story.

Mr Bold adds:

This guy is a doubt about it. Lee Camp has a funny take on LIEberman.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Congratulations to Rachel Maddow.

Hey she finally got her own show on MSNBC! Keith Olbermann announced it today on DKos and on Countown. Hooray we have another progressive on the Tee-Vee.

Tonight's Featured Artist-Miles Davis

Here he is doing "Footprints" live in Germany. I believe that's Wayne Shorter playing tenor sax behind him.

McCain's classmate and fellow POW wrote...

..."Why I will not vote for John McCain." in the militarytimes.

Read it here

It's a good article and worth the read.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tonight's Featured Artist. "Days of the new"

The song, "Bring Yourself" YouTube does not want you to view this video.

It's a Monday open thread.

You can rant and rave about whatever you feel like here. Anything goes...

Today's Featured Artists-Glukoza Nostra

This is another band that was featured on Grand Theft Auto 4. The song is called "Schweine" which means pig in German.

The animation is fantastic.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The killing of the Arkansas chairman of the DNC is looking like another act of Conservative terrorism.

Last week the Arkansas chairman of the DNC, Bill Gwatney, was shot by Timothy Johnson. Johnson died during his escape attempt and so the initial reports on this incident didn't provide a motive.

It's becoming increasing clear since that Johnson was another right wing wacko who hated the Libs and the Clintons with a passion.

Dave Neiwart at Orcinus lays out his theory here:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tonight's Featured Artist-Guus Meeuwis

My Dad lives in the Brabant region of Holland and is a huge fan of Guus Meeuwis. FYI-Brabant is also where Van Gogh is from.

Here is Guus doing homage to his region in "Brabant."

I miss this place ya'll. I think I'm going to book some tickets for the winter.

My deep thought of the moment

So many people are quick to anger these days because so many people are overweight and have high blood pressure. High blood pressure causes them to be jumpy and quicky to anger.

I am betting there is a correlation to the hateful posters on craigslist and obesity/high blood pressure.

Of course, stress also raises the blood pressure- and who isnt stressed out in this economy??- but you know what counteracts stress? A healthy diet and exercise- which also lowers your blood pressure and cures obesity. It also helps some mental problems such as depression!

If only people understood how important it is to eat right and excercise, there would be a lot less hate in this world.

Wow, that was deep.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Club music Fridays featured artists part II-No Mercy

Here they are doing "Where Do You Go?"

Because when you decide to bring the better bring the whole god-d*mn wheel...

Club music Fridays-featured artists-Re-Flex

Here they are with "The Politics of Dancing."

Some Friday funnies-Baracky II and Get Your War On

The new general election Baracky video is out and it's better than the original.

And Get Your War On has a new episode called "The Race Card."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tonight's Featured Artist-Me Phi Me

Here he is doing "A Sad New Day."

Man...Obama cracks me up...

In response to Swiftboater Jerome Corsi's steamer called "Obama Nation", the Obama campaign has published:

"Unfit for Publication"!!?! That's a real nice hilarious play on the title of Corsi's previous steamer about Kerry called "Unfit for Command."

The Obama campaign went through Corsi's book and provided a 41 page debunking.
The pdf is available here.

Give it a read in your spare time. You'll be seeing Corsi's claims everywhere on the TV news and blogs so you may as well know the debunk.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This should be entertaining

Richard Littlemoore at Desmog blog challenged global warming skeptics Lord Monckton and Roy Green to a debate. The challenge has been accepted at will air on Sunday 2:05central time online. Details here:
Monckton v Littlemore-rumble on the Internets

This should be good. Littlemore has his science down cold, and Monckton is the wingnuts favorite sceptic.

Link-This is the radio station it will be hosted on. Click on "Listen Live" at debate time.

Tonight's Featured Artists-Supertramp

Here they are doing "Logical Song."

Wednesday open thread

Here's a place to rant and rave about whatever you feel like.

Sunshine brought up that it's back to school for her kids.

Question: John McCain thinks it should be up to individual school districts to decide whether to teach Creationism in their science class.

Do any of you agree with that?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tonight's Featured Artists-Eddie Harris and Les McCann

Here they are doing "Volkswagen Blues." Stick around for the Eddie Harris sax solo.

McCain is the "serious" candidate.

He's seriously putting people to sleep...

h/t to DKos

Congratulations U.S. Fencing team

Our women's sabre team sweeped the field on Sunday.

Washington Post reporting

We hardly ever medal in this sport.

About Georgia

So it looks like the Russian offensive is stopping for now.

For those of you at home who don't know what happened let me break it down for you. This is Georgia:

It happens to be the birthplace of Stalin. That's just a fun fact unrelated to recent events.

Now if you look at the picture you'll see "North Ossetia" on the Russian side of the Georgian border. On the other side of that, not labeled is South Ossetia. It seems the southern Ossetians wanted to rejoin Russia. Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgia's president who is a right wing nationalist, countered this by moving the Georgian military into the area and cracking down on the separatists. Russia used this opportunity to appear like liberators by taking on the Georgian military in support of the separatists with a predictable Russian victory.

You may be asking yourself, "What the Hell does this have to do with us?"

Well since the breakdown of the Soviet Union, we have been trying to peel away former Warsaw Pact countries and getting them to join NATO. Russia sees this as a naked power grab in their sphere of influence. Saakashvili was convinced that Bush was going to back him up. After all Georgia actually had some boots on the ground in Iraq.

Saakashvili just learned that the word of Bush means didley squat.

And that's your Georgia Conflict round up.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tonight's Featured Artist-Isaac Hayes

Here he is doing the Shaft theme live at Montreaux Jazz Festival.

Monday (ughhh!!!) open thread

Bernie Mac is dead. Isaac Hayes is dead. Russia is rolling through Georgia with impugnity, and Bush is getting close to volleyball girls backsides.

Something's gotta give...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dang...Isaac Hayes died at 65

The voice of Chef from South Park died today at 65.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

And in case you haven't heard...the White House forged documents to link Saddam Hussein with Al Qaeda.

Oh look those dirty fucking hippies were right. Bush did lie and thousands died.

Read all about it here:
Raw Story-Tape: Top CIA official confesses order to forge Iraq-9/11 letter came on White House stationery!!!!

Bernie Mac dead at 50.

He died from complications arising from pneumonia.
AP: Bernie Mac dead today at 50

Here is a clip from Spike Lee's "Kings of Comedy." Bernie Mac comes in at the 3 minute mark:

And here's the rest-

Carlin now Mac...sheesh it's a rough world for comedy.

Friday, August 8, 2008

And now a message from our Government

This was produced while Eisenhower was in office.

H/t to

Tonight's Featured Artist-Young MC w/ Flea

Here they are doing "Bust A Move."

About John Edwards

I can't believe the guy thought he could or even would run for President with this kind of skeleton in his closet. Others in the left blogosphere like Meteor Blades at DKos are using words like betrayal to describe what Edwards did, and I mostly agree with that assessment.

Now what's going to be funny is watching the hand wringing from the Right about Edwards when they have McCain who did the same thing with his first wife.

Cenk Uygur has a good take on this here.

From 23/6 -Get Your War On-You Are Loved

23/6 is has got a second episode of "Get Your War On". Check it out-

This is the world I live in

Even the "ugly" women in the media and marketing are gorgeous.

Are they effing kidding me with this schit? Even the midget and the "mature" lady are beautiful, while the men are allowed to actually be fat and ugly (but most are still better looking than your average man). OH, but they have tattoos! how hideous!


its bad enough every sitcom portrays a beautiful woman with a fat, ugly, dumb husband- but now even the "ugly" models are better looking that 99.9% of the Real People walking around...


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tonight's Featured Artist-Peaches

Here she is with "Downtown."

I get the feeling watching this video that downtown is a euphamism for something...

Here's a good question...

I just read a good post on Craigslist NYC R&R.

On 9/11. . .

Reply to:
Date: 2008-08-07, 12:35PM EDT

America was attacked by religious fanatics, who thought that the American lifestyle is decadent and evil.

They were cheered on by American conservatives, who agreed that Americans deserved to die because they were feminists and homosexuals and civil libertarians.

Now we find out that the Anthrax attacks, which killed five people, and that happened at the same time as the WTC attack, was carried out by a conservative, anti-abortion catholic.

You goddam motherfucking conservative, I think it's about time you answered a few questions:

Why do you hate America?

Why are you so bloodthirsty?

Why can't you learn to get along with people who don't share your beliefs?

Stop killing people and answer the f*cking question!!!!!!!!!

Thursday open thread

It looks like Blogger fixed their issues from last night.

You can rant and rave about whatever you want to here.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paris Hilton responds to John McCain

Im sure everybody has seen the McCain spot running on TV, comparing Obama as a celebrity like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. I really never thought there would come a day where Paris Hilton would ever be mentioned on BOLDLY LIBERAL. I was wrong, take a look at this.

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

The next hipster beer: Schlitz (no schitz!)

2 weekends ago- when I was at a hipster dive bar in Kansas City- the bartender informed me they were out of my beloved PBR - but that they do have Schlitz.

I turned up my nose. I went for a Miller Light instead. I was ignorant! I committed a hipster faux pas! The bartender was kind enough not to call me out on it. In fact, when a friend's husband fetched me a beer at the bar a little while later, he returned with a Schlitz. And I drank it and it was good!

(To be a good beer in my opinion, it has to have some flavor- or no flavor but also very few carbs- and not give me a headache. Schlitz passed this test- and the can looks cool which is a major bonus, in my tragically hip opinion)

Today, I learned that Pabst owns Schlitz (this is probably not news to anyone over 50 but came as a surprise to me) and the Schlitz is "making a comeback" and flying off the shelves.

So, consider me (and possibly you) schooled: Schlitz is the next hipster beer so dont turn up your nose at it like I so foolishly did 2 weeks ago at the hipster bar in KC.

I. Am. So. Embarrassed.

* I also apologize that this piece has nothing to do with actual politics, only hipster beer politics. A girl has to have priorities!

Seven years ago today Bush got a memo that said, "Bin Laden determined to attack..."

Today is the anniversary of an act of craven incompetence by Dubya. Seven years ago he got a memo that said, "Bin Laden determined to attack within the U.S."

Dubya was vacationing in Crawford. And instead of taking warnings like this seriously like Clinton did, Bush just stayed on the ranch.

ThinkProgess has more here

Wednesday open thread

Rant and rave about whatever you feel like. If you hate the flaggers on CL, you can find a home here.

And thanks wabah for posting Tuesday night's video. It's an admirable quality to pick up the slack where ever you find it.

I'll start it off:
Rave for Obama for this:
"It's like these guys take pride in being ignorant."

I've said previously that Conservatives wear ignorance like a badge of honor. Obama seems to feel like I do.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tonight's Featured Artist. "Paul Anka"

Here he is doing Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tonight's Featured Artists-Queen of the Stone Age

Here they are doing "No One Knows."

Happy birthday Barack Obama!

Honorable Senator Obama turns 47 today.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Alexander Solzhenitsyn dead at 89

I was introduced to Russian lierature by Solzhenitsyn. His book "Cancer Ward" opened my eyes to what life was like behind the Iron Curtain.
NY Times Obit

If you never heard of this guy and are not familiar with his work, I'd recommend "Cancer Ward."

Tonight's Featured Artists-The Andrews Sisters

Here they are doing "Rum & Coca Cola."

Tonight's Featured Artists-No Doubt

Here they are doing "Hella Good."

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday open thread

Rant and rave 'til your hearts content.

Baby Blue Eyes is still looking for Sunshine on the chat widget.

Update II:

Here's some humor from across the pond.

h/t to Hexa on DailyKos-

Friday, August 1, 2008

Blogger is having issues.

I already reported the IE error. Please be patient...


The issue was with Sitemeter. Now that sitemeter is removed the blog is working normally.

Tonight's Featured Artists-The Bee Gees

Here they are doing "One" live.

Stop me if you heard this before...

Readers of STL RnR may have seen this familiar ad hominem attack:

But in their new role as bloggers, the paper’s editors seem to have all the intelligence and reason of the average Daily Kos diarist sitting at home in his mother’s basement and ranting into the ether between games of dungeons and dragons.

McCain camp disses bloggers

That ad hominem was launched by McCain's blogger Michael Goldfarb.

For the record, the last D&D game I played (in the last century) was ran by a Republican. Me thinks they doth project too much...

h/t to


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