Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Open thread Tuesday

Rant and rave about whatever you want here.

Sunshine asks about "bi-polar poet."

Man what a piece of work she was/is. She'd write these epic poems without paragraphing...just walls of words.


S. City said...

i really hate poetry. good, bad- doesnt matter. i just dont like it. if you are fixating on string together pretty words- dont they lose all meaning in the process?

blech blech blech.

that is what i think of poetry.

i also hate musicals.

and those are my rants for today:)

MrBold said...

Seriously you just hate a whole form of human expression? You don't like Shel Silverstein?

a light in the attic

And musicals too? Have you ever seen one on Broadway in NYC? I mean I didn't like or care for musicals either until I heard world class singing...

S. City said...

pretty much! Shel Silverstein is okay- but just okay. Musicals are just so- fruity and annoying to me. Like anyone would really ever just BREAK OUT into a song and dance. or at least I hope not! *rolls eyes*

MrBold said...

Musicals are basically the American form of opera. It's not supposed to be about relating realism. It's about the music. And poetry well...OK so there's Silverstein so your not a ocmplete loss.

These aren't my favorite art forms either. I like poetry more than musicals but when either is done well I appreciate it.


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