Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Open thread Wednesday-

Sunshine wrote this on the Craigslist STL RnR board and I thought it was worth cross posting here:

Something Else To Rant About!

Reply to:
Date: 2008-08-20, 1:05PM CDT

So I bought 32 organizational baskets to put all of my kid's toys in. I spent a lot of time organizing all of the sets together and labeling everything. All of the hard work I did, do you know where all of the toys ended up? That's right, under the god damn bed...AGAIN! I have to come up with a punishment that suits a crime like this. I think the NEW punishment will be, "for every toy I find not in it's proper basket, I will toss in the trash." I wonder how many toys will be thrown away before I am taken seriously. Dont' think I'm too mean, I truly believe learning organizational skills is very important later on in life...for school, work, and even play. I know they get upset when they have misplaced something because it is not put away where they can remember.

I know this is a very boring subject, but to me it beats all of this racial arguing. Besides, I just needed to vent.

Have a great day!

Mr Bold adds:

Organization and the dreaming up punishments for not adhering to prescribed organization paradigm is not boring to paralegals Sunshine. In fact dreaming up ways to punish lawyers, for not putting documents back the way I told them to, is one of the best things about my job.

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Sunshine said...

I believe organization can be key to success, no matter what your goal is to be. I admittedly go over the top sometimes, but expressing the importance of the skill to my children can only help them succeed when the are of age. Not only that, it has been proven to help raise grades, gain self-satisfaction, and an eagerness to always try to do better. As I mentioned in my post, my kids get so pissed when they have misplaced something because they cram it somewhere so their rooms look clean. Really, that is the best punishment, because they are punishing themselves.

I wouldn't really throw their toys away, but I will collect them and make them think I did. I did this same scenario before when they use to leave stuff in their pants pockets, and throwing them in the dirty clothes. I said everything I find I'm throwing in the trash. After about two weeks, there wasn't anymore junk in the pockets. Now they're frightened it will be tossed.

Maybe you should try this method with the lawyers, Mr. Bold. Just toss those documents in the trash and tell them they will have to start over, or wing it in court! Just teasing, but wouldn't it be cool.

Yes, S. City, I would probably have a cleaning frenzy in you home, but if you can manage the way you are there is nothing wrong with it. I just happen to be a little freakish about it. I always have been, even when I was little. I wouldn't know how to survive if my stuff wasn't in the right spot. Part of it is the design method. I look at everything in an artistic manner. Weird, I know!


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