Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rest in Peace Freddie...thanks for all the music.

Jazz trumpet great Freddie Hubbard passed away at the age of 70. Here he is with Herbie Hancock playing "Cantalope Island."

IHT: Freddie Hubbard obit

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You know just when I thought we were getting close to kumbaya...

Rick Warren calls people who object to his equating homosexuality with pedophilia, bestiality and incest "christophobes."

You know I thought Warren's recent softer approach was mending some fences. But this latest diatribe by him is just over the top. For those who don't have cable, Rachel Maddow sums it up nicely:

I found something on the web that I thought was pretty powerful.
C&L: please-dont-divorce

Merry Christmas everyone.

I hope you all are having a great night.

Festivus was such a hit, Frank Constanza brought it to Congress-

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pubwoof's List of Grievances

What a great idea this is....

1)Corporate Elitists. Safely amongst the most despicable people alive. They represent greed, sloth, pride, gluttony, et.al., and are the primary movers behind virtually everything else we consider to be public/social ills --corruption, hegemony, constitutional abuses, war crimes, et.al. People who "make" money simply because they have money and because they spend money to grease politicians represent the absolute pinnacle of the entitlement culture.

2)Joe the Plumber. The third-class intellect who barged into the national discourse when he miserably failed to ambush Obama on tax policy during a photo op. His misrepresentations about himself, his shameless and moronic shilling for the McCain ticket, and his later attempts to land himself a country music deal showed that one doesn't have to run for office to be entirely full of shit. What a disgrace. What good was he other than post-Palin proof that any fool can become the darling of the GOP?

3)Brazilian Beer Barons. Over the years, the STL has lost many companies because they got bought out by bigger fish from other cities. However much those losses sucked, it was always comforting to know A-B would always be a STL icon. This one hurts me more because A-B never started planning to defend a hostile takeover until it came and because InBev got off on the cheap because of the weak dollar. It's like it never needed to happen. Damn.

4)The Rams. This year, I shall call you "The Lambs." I have nothing brilliant to say except it's just damn sad. I guess it's a shame too. Like, get better please. Sad.

5)"Real Americans". Anyone who considers themselves this cannot be a patriot. To believe that some parts of America, or that some Americans, are any more or less legitimately American is to disregard the essential wisdoms of our founding fathers that we are all equal and all that bullshit. If the mark of a patriot is the flying of flags or the sporting of pins, they should display the stars alone or the stripes alone to serve as a visual aid in explaining which parts of America don't count and why. The whole lot of them can go fuck themselves.

I have more, but I'm going to hold them deep deep inside me until they become suffciently hateful and twisted to be shared publicly.

Scooter Jacking

Well this is interesting. Apparently a car jacking in St Louis goes for a minimum sentence of at least 5 years while a scooter jacking carries a penalty of at least 25 years.


Happy Festivus people...

I will be composing my "Airing of Greivances" during the day and suggest you do likewise. Because after all, Festivus is for the rest of us.
Festivus: Rules and Rituals

In accordance with tradition, I submit my list for the Airing of Grievances. The following have disappointed me over the past year:

1. My cat Vory. I plucked you out of the ASPCA and paid $125 for you and all I get are scratches and bites. Would it kill you to try to sit quietly in my lap and just purr every once in a while? I know I wanted an active cat, but not one that would physically assualt me.

2. Elliot Spitzer. Dude I believed in you. You were smart. You were on the ball. Bad guys would go into fits when they heard “Spitzer is on the phone.” Why did you have to go thinking with your d*ck?

3. The Senate Democrats-particularly the ones in good health like Leahy and Reid. WTF is wrong with you jerks? We won the election. Stop playing ball with the GOP who only want to destroy you. You can’t negotiate with people who want to kill you.

4. Randi Rhodes formerly of Air America. Look Randi…I know you were doing stand up. But really, you called HRC a whore. Was that necessary? I understand she was running a campaign that wrote the smears McCain would eventually use, but honestly…a whore? She’s a senator for crying out loud. I loved you on Air America. Now I only listen to Ed Schultz only because that’s really the only quality liberal programming I get.

5. St. Louis Craigslist the Rants and Raves section. I warned you about the flagging didn’t I? I told you content made that place and after the out of control flagging, there is little to no content.

6. My Dad. That’s between him and me. He knows what he did.

7. John McCain. You know I actually liked you once. Sure I thought you were kind of corrupt after the Keating scandal, but I thought you were a better candidate than W in 2000. I thought after going through the nastiest smear campaign I’d ever seen in 2000, you wouldn’t do likewise. Well I guess you thought you figured out what works from that. That was the wrong lesson John. I’m really disappointed in you. And thanks for introducing Caribou Barbie to the mix. Yeah that’s what we needed was some dumb wackadoodle on a power trip.

“I have a lot of problems with you people.”

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tonight's Featured Artists-Sanz, Kattan, Morgan and Fallon

Watch more IFILM videos on AOL Video

It's the SNL "Christmas Song."

h/t to Wabah and S. City.

And Merry Christmas ladies:

From the Ox.

Monday open thread

I'm really starting to hate the Christmas musak. If I hear "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime" one more time, I'm going postal.

In other news...Obama is hiring the leading minds of the scientific community to handle guess what-science policy.

And don't forget, just because we won the last election, doesn't mean we stop shaming, mocking and deriding Conservatives. Let's remember they were pro Iraq quagmire, deniers of climate change, pro teaching creationism in science class and pro trickle down economics. Their ideas suck and they need to be continually reminded.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Open Thread

You can rant and rave about whatever here.

In other news, Al Franken is ahead of Norm Coleman in Minnesota by 250 votes. Finally the Senate will have a professional comedian in its ranks.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Huffington Post headline: Al Franken Projected to Win

Go Al go!

Franken Senate Victory Projected

Time for the credit card companies to Cut The Crap

Hallelujah! I am so happy to see the fed finally dealing with this. I quit using Citibank years ago when they sent me a bill for 23 cents after I had paid in full the month before. They failed to explain to me how that was not deceptive and I am just lucky I caught it before they charged me a late fee and raised my interest rate. I cut the damn card up and mailed it back to them along with a check for 23 lousy cents - and demanded they close my account. I had had that account for over 10 years and they did nothing to correct the incident or otherwise try to keep me.

Now Citibank is "repricing" "certain" customers anywhere from 6% to 19% due to no fault at all on the part of the cardholder. What a sham!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I think these new rules are a pretty good holiday present, even if they dont go into effect until July 2010. I give the fed 2 snaps up for this!


Thursday Open Thread

Feel free to rant and rave about whatev...

Monday, December 15, 2008

You know...it really doesn't get better than this...

Now in handy gif form.

There are reports coming out today saying the journalist who threw the shoes was beaten by the Iraqi police. Like others in the blogosphere, I agree that Bush actually handled this very well when he pointed out that stuff like this happens in a free democracy. In that spirit I hope you make a call to the White House- 202-456-1111 and express your wish that Bush ask the Iraqis for leniency for the journalist al Zaidi.

Tonight's Featured Artists-Don Byron and the Bang on a Can All Stars

Here they are doing "Credits."

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Looks like they have finally found poor Caylee Anthony's remains. I am actually relieved since all signs pointed to her being dead- and I was afraid her (insert worst adjective in existence and multiply that by infinity) mother was going to get off if they didnt find a body.

Still I am sad. Relieved, but sad. I wonder what that (insert worst adjective in existence and multiply that by infinity) woman will lie about next.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday open thread

You can rant and rave about whatever you feel like here.

Gov. Blagojevich taken away in custody. Under indictment by Feds for corruption charges.

The Illinois Governor was caught on court authorized Federal wiretaps trying to sell Obama's senate seat. This morning the FBI seized Blagojevich at his home in Chicago.

Firedoglake: Blago indicted

Good riddance I say. Corruption in our politics should never be tolerated no matter which party does it.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday open thread.

You know what to do.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tonight's Featured Artist-Gary Jules

Here he is doing "Mad World."

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

From Funny or Die-Prop. 8 The Musical! (oh it's FAB-U-LOUS!)

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die


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