Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday open thread.

You know what to do.


MrBold said...

Hey Sunshine,

You asked if I'm excited about Obama. Yeah Sunshine I'm excited. Watching that guy give a press conference using complete sentences and speaking coherently is a joy to watch.

I think we as a country got a rough 2 years a head but I tell you, I'm glad Obama is there and not McCain.

S. City said...

Me, too! I am very excited for Obama and his administration to take over. I think they definitely have their work cut out for them, but I think they will rise to the challenge and turn this country around. I am also very pleased with the Big O's decision to make my girl Hillary Madame Secretary:)

Ps Bold did you know today there was legislation proposed to rename Delmar Blvd "Barrack Obama Blvd"? I hope it passes!

Sunshine said...

Mr. Bold,

I'm glad to hear of your excitement. It's nice to know that there are American citizens pumped and looking at the future of our country in a positive manner (especially after the disaster Bush...aka dumbass...put us through).

I am the first to admit I liked John McCain, not necessarily the rebup party, but him. I think the guy has a lot of class, and I admire his accomplishments as an American. I, however, despise that crazy bitch...Sara Palin. And because of her, I am also glad McCain isn't in office.

This may sound bad, but not my intention at all...I am not a fan of politicians AT ALL! I think most of them are crooks with power. However, when it comes to Obama...I can't say whether he is as crooked as the rest of them, but I do know this...he will work ten times harder than any other president trying to do what's right for our country because he has something to prove. He needs to show the world that being a black man is just as good as any other color...race doesn't matter, how you feel about your country and doing what is right does matter.

OK, please don't take that the wrong way, I'm not being racist, just stating facts. I find it refreshing that we will have a president that is gratuitious of the people, and not feeling that it is deserving or owed!

Done with political talk. What's everybody been up to? Ready for Christmas? Somebody tell GZ hey for me if you still chat with him.


Ps. Hi Wabah...

MrBold said...

That's awesome that Cicero's new address will be "Obama Blvd."
Thanks S. City.

And don't be a stranger Sunshine. You'll find GZ on

wabah58 said...

Hey peeps, just popping in to say hi to all. So hi
At My Desk

Im enjoying hearing the new Nixon tapes.

MrBold said...

The man was crazy wasn't he? I think I might go see Frost/Nixon tomorrow.

wabah58 said...

Talk about great timing for that movie to come out.


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