Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gov. Blagojevich taken away in custody. Under indictment by Feds for corruption charges.

The Illinois Governor was caught on court authorized Federal wiretaps trying to sell Obama's senate seat. This morning the FBI seized Blagojevich at his home in Chicago.

Firedoglake: Blago indicted

Good riddance I say. Corruption in our politics should never be tolerated no matter which party does it.


S. City said...

I must be a real naive dumdum because I was really surprised by this. I need to stop giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, I guess- like InBev!

MrBold said...

Apparently he's been under investigation for a good long time, which makes him a real idiot for doing something so brazen.

at my desk said...

They haven't even finished the investigation yet, they were just concerned that he would appoint himself or someone else Senator before they had a chance to stop him. My dad printed out the 78 page indictment and has been reading from random pages, giggling at Blagojevich's brazen disregard for all things legal.

And did you know that this makes 4 out of 5 Illinois governors in a row that have been investigated and eventually convicted of corruption and other such offenses? What is going on in Illinois? At least our President Elect is not that kind of man...


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