Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday open thread

You can rant and rave about whatever you feel like here.


S. City said...

I will never drink AB products or Stella Artois again. I guess I was the only one who didnt see this coming - I actually gave them the benefit of the doubt like the dummy I am- but how totally crappy to do this right before the holidays!

Other topic on my mind today is the military plane that crashed into the house in Cali. Can you IMAGINE sitting in your house and being killed by a jet? Reminds me of Donny Darko. I hope the missing kid is found alive. How awful!

MrBold said...

It's only Tuesday. I wonder what new sh*t pile awaits tomorrow.

Sunshine said...

Re: Mr. Bold, very funny.

Re: S. City, this is why I'm glad to be a Captain Morgan drinker...and Ciroc, Tanqueray, Frangelico, Baileys, and Disaronno (hee-hee-hee). I'm with ya on feeling stupid and naive on this one. I was hoping things were going to turn out better in the end. I really thought there might be the possibility that they would move there new In-bev/AB headquarters here. What a joke. Now even Grant's farm isn't enjoyable. Very disappointed.

Sunshine said...

My rant for the day...

I live in one of those quaint subdivisions in the suburbs. All of my neighbors are very maticulous about their properties, and work very hard to make their yard decor very beautiful (well, except for a couple-always a few bad apples).

There are gorgeous mature trees, and small little parks throughout the entire subdivision, it almost feels like one of those old northeastern new england type towns, but just the neighborhood.

For Christmas, everyone gets in the holiday spirit, decorating with yule bliss. When you drive through at night, the streets are lit up by beautiful lights, and sounds of carolers. Wreaths grace almost every front door. It really is quite stunning, and makes me proud to be a part of it.

Here's my complaint: when I drive to and from home during the day, I swear, it looks like a bunch of murdered santas spread out along everyone's front yard. Those cheap looking blow up santas, that for some reason, people feel compelled to display are airless and lying on the ground during the day hours. SICK and TWISTED!


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