Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tonight's Featured Artist-Peaches

Here she is with "Downtown."

I get the feeling watching this video that downtown is a euphamism for something...


S. City said...

thank you!!!! i could see that one, too! yay! i have never seen it before. man, peaches in hot in drag, right?

thats one of my favorite songs for dancing to:)

MrBold said...

Oh that video took me back. I remember I was in FallOut circa 1993 when a girl asked me "Do you go downtown?"

I said "we're already downtown."

And no I didn't get to go downtown that night : /

S. City said...

Doode, I am so sure we were friends back in the day. I was going to FallOut in 1993- and The Other World- and the Oz- and what was that place on the landing with the dance floor right in the window?

that wasnt me who asked you that tho. i am certain of that!


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