Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Say wha?

Do any of you read this guy Thomas Sowell? He's the right wingers favorite black man.

To be honest when I read this I imagine he must have had an encounter with a teacher who condescended to him or something. From there the poor man just started seeing pinko commies everywhere and all around him.

Give it a read-

I think there is are two basic flaws in the argument here. First Mr. Sowell is making an apples to oranges comparison between homeschoolers and public school teachers. I really don't think a homeschool educator could outperform a professional teacher with 30 kids. Second the materials that homeschoolers use are written by professional academically trained educators.

From there Mr. Sowell uses this ginned up indictment of academically trained public educators and compares, I guess, the state run public school education system, to national efforts of central planning in China and India. That would be an even bigger apples to oranges comparison.



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