Sunday, August 17, 2008

The killing of the Arkansas chairman of the DNC is looking like another act of Conservative terrorism.

Last week the Arkansas chairman of the DNC, Bill Gwatney, was shot by Timothy Johnson. Johnson died during his escape attempt and so the initial reports on this incident didn't provide a motive.

It's becoming increasing clear since that Johnson was another right wing wacko who hated the Libs and the Clintons with a passion.

Dave Neiwart at Orcinus lays out his theory here:


S. City said...

I had suspected that but didnt want to state such until there was more evidence. I mean, clearly he was crazy- with the writing on the Target wall and all- but why are so many crazies also conservative? is it because trying live up to the expectations of a conservative mentality drives them insane- or are they insane to begin with, which makes them more susceptible to the conservative mentality?


MrBold said...

It comes down to their good vs. evil worldview. Everything is bifurcated for them. So killing someone who they consider evil is doing what they would consider is a good deed.

Now how they get to that point is less understood. A psychiatrist from Berkley by the name of Bloch published a study a few years ago-it was reported in the Toronto Star-that kids who became conservative were the ones most likely to go tattle to teachers when they encountered problems with other classmates. Because of this I think fear has to be a main motivator for conservatives. The fear turns to hate and hate sparks the violence.

This holds true for working class and middle class types who vote Republican. Rich people who vote republican are voting for their own best interests ie favorable tax rates. These rich people however know that fear and the ensuing hate mongering is what keeps the party that represents their interests in power, so that's why they fund it.

S. City said...

I suspect it has something to do with basic intelligence. They can only see good v evil- and dont have the brain power to understand anything outside of their own black/white viewpoints. Anytime someone points out a grey area, their brains become overloaded and confused and they get angry because they dont understand (how else to act)

so they stick to what they can understand- good v evil, black v white- anything outside those narrow confines results in a total meltdown

S. City said...

like, if the teacher said "now, little johnny, its not right to tattle tell"- little johnny throws himself onto the floor in a temper tantrum.

or burns the school down.


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