Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday open thread

It looks like Blogger fixed their issues from last night.

You can rant and rave about whatever you want to here.


S. City said...

rave: i found a selftanner i actually like: Faux Tan by Bare Essentials. its pricey but its not orange, goes on dark as mud so i can see where it needs to be rubbed in more, and it doesnt stink. yay.

thats all i got.

oh cept i think smiley mike mightve died. i will check the obits....

MrBold said...

You know it's FU that we know enough about his last name that you could actually check the obits.

One of the things I don't get about the haters on CL is that they seem to think the board can be clogged. They talk like there is a finite amount of space or something. I just don't get why people would flag off content that doesn't violate the TOU.

S. City said...

i dont know his last name- i just know his first and where he lives. There are no mikes in today's obits- but i will check again tomorrow if we dont hear from him

and i think by clog the baord, they mean spam it

wabah58 said...


There is a bumper crop of Peaches down here where I live, My GF picks a whole bag of them. I wake up this morning and they are all gone. She took them to those vultures at her work.
Guess I'll go pick my own damn peaches, and I'll put my name on all of them.

You said rant about anything.

S. City said...

heres my Friday rant: i cannot find a good g-d doctor! I get a rec from a friend and call and surprise surprise they are not accepting new patients. wtf? is this because of the obesity epidemic? my only problems are asthma and an underactive thyroid- otherwise i am the picture of health and any doctor should be thrilled to have me. i even have very low blood pressure (maybe right not as this second but still...) my doctor is a damn quack and I know my thyroid dosage is not correct b/c i am always tired. since i am not elderly or with a host of problems, he barely pays attention to me. rrrrrggggggggggggggggg

i am pissed!


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