Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tonight's Featured Artist-Guus Meeuwis

My Dad lives in the Brabant region of Holland and is a huge fan of Guus Meeuwis. FYI-Brabant is also where Van Gogh is from.

Here is Guus doing homage to his region in "Brabant."

I miss this place ya'll. I think I'm going to book some tickets for the winter.


Sunshine said...

Are you from Holland yourself, Mr. Bold?

I want to travel internationally so bad, but I have a terrible fear of I am jealous. I have to drive everywhere we go. The benefit is I have seen quite a bit of beautiful country, and that I wouldn't want to pass up.

MrBold said...

Nah I'm not from Holland and neither is my Dad. He was stationed in Holland when he was in the army and met a Dutch stepmother now. He got rotated back to the states in the 1980s and she came with him. When his Dad died in 1995, my Dad moved to Holland so his wife could take care of her mother. I've been going to Europe every other year or so ever since.

I wouldn't recommend going to Europe right now for the first time. The euro is killing the dollar and it's driving up the price of everything from an American's point of view. I'd recommend waiting a few years until Obama can get our national situation in better shape.

Sunshine said...

It's all good. I don't plan to get my rear on an airplane until my kids are damn near grown anyway. Then, I am "Italy" bound. I plan to cover as much of that country as possible; Venice, Milan, Tuscany, Florence, and any where else my heart so desires. Until then, I have turned my home into an Italian villa to get me by.


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