Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bernie Mac dead at 50.

He died from complications arising from pneumonia.
AP: Bernie Mac dead today at 50

Here is a clip from Spike Lee's "Kings of Comedy." Bernie Mac comes in at the 3 minute mark:

And here's the rest-

Carlin now Mac...sheesh it's a rough world for comedy.


wabah58 said...

Man that really sucks. I was a big Bernie Mac fan. The reruns of the Bernie Mac show was a nightly watch for me at mid-nite. Loved all his movies as well. 50 fuckin years old!
Man. He will be missed.

MrBold said...

I had a bad feeling when I read on Thursday that he was heading to the hospital for pneumonia.

I loved his brand of comedy-Afro American dad, kind of like Cosby in his heyday, meets streetwise hustler.


S. City said...

we heard about this while we were at the lake and we were so bummed! pnuemonia is serious schit, man. i had walking pnuemonia last year aftr contracting bronchitis- and i thought I was going to die for awhile, and i am only 34! i am still on inhaled steroids for it as a matter of fact...


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