Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The next hipster beer: Schlitz (no schitz!)

2 weekends ago- when I was at a hipster dive bar in Kansas City- the bartender informed me they were out of my beloved PBR - but that they do have Schlitz.

I turned up my nose. I went for a Miller Light instead. I was ignorant! I committed a hipster faux pas! The bartender was kind enough not to call me out on it. In fact, when a friend's husband fetched me a beer at the bar a little while later, he returned with a Schlitz. And I drank it and it was good!

(To be a good beer in my opinion, it has to have some flavor- or no flavor but also very few carbs- and not give me a headache. Schlitz passed this test- and the can looks cool which is a major bonus, in my tragically hip opinion)

Today, I learned that Pabst owns Schlitz (this is probably not news to anyone over 50 but came as a surprise to me) and the Schlitz is "making a comeback" and flying off the shelves.

So, consider me (and possibly you) schooled: Schlitz is the next hipster beer so dont turn up your nose at it like I so foolishly did 2 weeks ago at the hipster bar in KC.

I. Am. So. Embarrassed.

* I also apologize that this piece has nothing to do with actual politics, only hipster beer politics. A girl has to have priorities!


wabah58 said...

I think Bold is a beer drinker, I wonder if he agrees.

I had a dog named Schlitz once.

MrBold said...

Oh shit...schlitz?

What's next Hamms?

S. City said...

haha, maybe! Are they owned by Pabst??

wabah58 said...

Back in the day 905 was the schlitz of beers.

Anonymous said...

wow this is retarded. Why don't you start having a personality(drink whatever the fuck beer you want to) and stop acting like such a hipster-poseur wannabee

Anonymous said...

p.s. everyone knows hipsters stopped drinking PBR about 3 years ago.

S. City said...

There is no reason to get all testes, angry anonymous person. It was just an observation. deep breaths, deep breaths.

I have yet to see Schlitz hit our shelves. STL is not exactly hip, if you havent noticed.

Anonymous said...

This may not be very hip, since I'm a confirmed beer nostalgia nerd, but Schlitz, Pabst, Stroh's Hamm's, Olympia, etc. were all their own regional breweries years ago (when I was a kid)...Pabst, which is just a holding company now itself, bought the names and the recipes from the carcasses of the defunct brewers. Falstaff was a huge (number 3 nationally) brewer that they did the same thing to. Pabst owns like 25 beer names now. It has shut down a few of them as their drinkers have died off to a point they don't sell well any more. Apparently PBR and Schlitz had enough of a holdover set of drinkers that the company thought they could market a little, introduce them as "nostalgia beer" and make a little money. Then young "hip" people began to drink PBR as a rebuke to corporate thug brewers. What they don't know is that all of them to a certain extent did this to smaller brewers. In KC, Muehlbach (coolest cans and trays EVER) was bought by Schlitz. Falstaff ran a bunch of small brewers out of business in teh 50's and 60's. Of course Bud is the king of that kind of business, and it's funny that it's happening to them now.
Schlitz was number 2 nationally as late as 1970. They changed their formula to make it "lighter" but apparently screwed it up, made the taste really flat, and lost a ton of business. Now Pabst is reintroducing the old Schlitz, in glass bottles, to a whole new generation. But they're doing it DAMNABLY slow. I'm interested in tasting it--it's like a taste of history, and since beer doesn't keep like wine, as close as I'll ever get to tasting one of the old standbys.


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