Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This should be entertaining

Richard Littlemoore at Desmog blog challenged global warming skeptics Lord Monckton and Roy Green to a debate. The challenge has been accepted at will air on Sunday 2:05central time online. Details here:
Monckton v Littlemore-rumble on the Internets

This should be good. Littlemore has his science down cold, and Monckton is the wingnuts favorite sceptic.

Link-This is the radio station it will be hosted on. Click on "Listen Live" at debate time.


bi -- International Journal of Inactivism said...

The link seems to be incorrect -- the debate will be hosted on 630 CHED, rather than 900 CHML. (I did manage to catch the beginning of Roy Green's programme on Saturday afternoon.)

MrBold said...

Great!! Thanks!!!


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