Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A friend told me she is hopeful...

And I am too. I hope as much as Pubwoof does that we are going to see an end to the selfishness that permeates the American psyche. We're definitely going to see the end of anti-intellectualism in our public policy for a while. Wackadoodles who want to deny global warming and teach creationism in our science classrooms will not have a friend anymore in the White House.

This is an open inaugural thread. Feel free to leave comment about whatever you feel like.


at my desk said...

I think President Obama said a lot of great things today. He made me feel confident in our future, no matter what hurdles we have to leap along the way.

On NPR this morning, they were reporting on what European leaders and other world leaders were saying about our new president, and it made me happy to hear that they are looking forward to working with President Obama (I just LOVE typing that!) on foreign issues, global warming, etc. The rest of the world has hope now, too, and it makes my heart smile.

Carolyn said...

OH HAPPY DAY! I am so excited after hearing Obama's speech that I could leave the ground if I put that energy into spinning in circles. Alas, I have no time for such acrobatics, impressive though they may be. In light of your article on this O Auspicious of Days, I would like to draw attention to the man's speech. Wow. I mean, I am impressed. The whole thing is a construct lesson in how to say some incredibly HOT things in a very COOL way. EXAMPLE: All Americans are Equal...(paraphrasing) So much easier to swallow than; Gay people are so alright with me that I can't wait to go to a wedding in Boston where EVERYBODY is wearing a suit/dress. Or, how about him saying 'unbelievers' instead of heathen idolaters that should be stoned on the alter of Abraham? Okay, seriously, he could have done better. I however, am satisfied. It looks like he is in fact set to be historical in more ways than one. [smile]

MrBold said...

I thought the speech was good. Someone on NBC said if you read the transcript you weren't that impressed. But hearing it was a different story.

Later on I'll post some portions of the transcript to ruminate over.

And welcome aboard the blog Carolyn. Don't be a stranger.


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