Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just dropping in for a quick hello & to remind you about the Chinese New Year

Just wanted to say HEY to everyone. Sorry I have been so absent lately- I am working on a big, highly publicized trial right now and am working 70+ hours a week. I think we have one week left so I will be back soon.

Also, the chat widgy thingy doesnt work for me since the upgrade but I have already filed my official complaint with Mr. B:)

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the new era of President Obama. I have only been able to catch 2 of his executive orders- closing Guantanimo and reversing the international funding ban on pro-choice orgs. I think both are great moves and cant wait to see what else he has in mind.

FYI the Chinese New Year is Monday. Jan 26th starts the year of the Ox- which is the year I was born under in 1973 and I am just thrilled my baby will be an Ox, too. I am fascinated by the rituals of the Chinese New Year. The Chinese believe that what you do on the new year sets the tone for the rest of the year. So, think happy thoughts on Monday, dont curse or get angry and DONT DO ANY CLEANING. In fact, hide all your cleaning products out of sight. I usually try to get my whole house clean on the Chinese New Years Eve so I can enjoy the new year in a clean space. I guess I should get busy on that, hmmmm.... Anyway, its also a good idea to wear red on the Chinese New Year and to NOT wear white or black. Color color color is the idea.

Thats all for me as I must get busy and be productive this weekend. All is going very well with the pregnancy- I will be 22 weeks tomorrow and have never felt better. Seriously, I am really enjoying being pregnant. I think I should be pregnant all the time- but daddy says no:)

S. City


Sunshine said...

Glad to hear the pregnancy is going great, S. City. I LOVED being pregnant. There is something about the feeling you have that makes you feel wonderful. I don't know if it's the hormones, or what, but it sure changes you.

Have you thought about what you are going to do for the birth? Epideral, natural, etc?

Do you know the sex of the baby yet?

Fill me in on all of the details. If you have any unanswered questions, maybe I can help, I'm almost a professional, LOL!

S. City said...

thanks, sunshine! as for the delivery, i am all about the drugs. i will see how long i can hold out without it but i am not going to bring my baby into the world with his/her mother screaming in terrifying agony.

and we passed on finding out the sex. there are not many surprises left in life at our ages- at least not many good ones!

Sunshine said...

S. City...GOOD FOR YOU!!! It is very cool to be surprised when baby day comes.

I made the decision to have completely natural (no drugs, no nothing) with my first two. Honestly, it wasn't that bad, it hurts, but what they say about a pain you forget is exactly spot on.

My third had to be an emergency c-section because he managed to wrap himself up 9 times around the umbilical cord. I had to have a spinal tap for that, but was able to be awake for the whole thing. The best part was they got him out and he was just fine.

Sunshine said...

One other thing, I read you were working 70+ hours a week. I hope you are getting a good amount of rest, especially the closer you get to your due date. You AND the baby will need a great deal of energy. Also, I hope you are taking your vitamins, drinking lots of milk, eating well, and doing some sort of exercise...these things are of the upmost importance!

MrBold said...

Sunsnine says: "I had to have a spinal tap for that, but was able to be awake for the whole thing."


Women are amazing.


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