Friday, February 27, 2009

Bobby Jindal busted for lying.

You remember that nice little story ol' Bobby Jindal told us about Sheriff Lee and the rescue boats? Turns out that was bullshit.

What's funny is that it was central to Jindal's premise, which I guess, is the government is the problem, never a solution. And Bobby felt he needed to lie to make the case.

TPM: Jindal admits lying


wabah58 said...

This guy is really a great gift to us from the Rethugs. I've been loving the coverage on him, the last few nights, on my programs. Joe da plumber looks like a genius compared to this doofus.

MrBold said...

Did you hear Delay say David Brooks isn't a Conservative on Matthews over Brook's criticisms of Bobby? Hell Rush said he wasn't going to be friends anymore with those who thought Jindal did a bad job.

The question of whether you like Jindal now is becoming THE issue in the GOP civil war.

And that's fan-freakin'-tastic.

wabah58 said...

Yes I heard Rush Limpdick go off on most of the people on fox news too. This is really good times man.

MrBold said...

Oh he did! Oh that's awesome!

I wonder if I can find the audio...

MrBold said...

What I've been dying to do is a mashup from Burn's "the Civil War" with dittoheads and paultards fighting it out.


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