Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a hump day open thread ya'll.

You can rant and rave about whatever you want to here.

Suggested topics for discussion-

Was Hitler really breast fed past toddler stage?

What's the most effective way to get a teenage boy's mind off of sex and into school work?

These are just some of the burning topics demanding discussion. Goofiest comment should get a reward.

It should...didn't say it will.


S. City said...

Get him a subscription to Playboy and let him work out his own frustrations? I dont know. There are things I am leaving to daddy if we have a boy:)

MrBold said...

Yeah that's a great point S. City. The importance of success in school and life to acquiring vagine probably should be taught by the Dad.

While we're on the subject, do you know if you're having a boy or a girl S. City?

S. City said...

No, we decided not to find out. We think its a boy tho and we usually call it "he"

at my desk said...

I went to a Tori Amos show in high school. (I have a point, stick with me.) Between songs, Tori mentioned that she'd like to start a summer camp for young boys to teach them all about sex and pleasing women. It was the most bizarre and hilarious comment. I bet it would be beneficial, though, and then they'd be able to get out all of their sexual frustration at summer camp. Maybe that would help them concentrate on school...


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