Friday, February 20, 2009

TGIF open thread

This a free rant and rave thread to post on. Write about whatever you feel like.

Alan Keyes goes Wingnutty!!!


S. City said...

RAVE: I am really looking forward to this weekend. Today I will leave work early to do some shopping, tomorrow day is Mardi Gras (tho i am on the fence about going due to the cold), tomorrow morning is the first ARRG bout of the 4th season and Sunday night are the Oscars! Plus, I just received 2 pretty new maternity dresses I ordered online. I cant wait to try them on!

RANT: I keep having nightmares every night and its getting old. I also wonder how it is affecting the baby. Stress is not good- and last night's dream was so bad I was screaming and crying and trying to kill someone close to me. I was so happy to wake up! I dont know why I keep having such awful dreams (hormones, probably)- I am so happy and at peace all day long UNTIL I FALL ASLEEP!

MrBold said...

Wow that's strange about the nightmares S. City. I'm sorry your going through that.

RAVE-this piece of carrot cake and V-8 I am about to consume.


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