Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I luvs me some freepers...

From SolidWood at Free Republic:

...I agree that his age, 38, may be a disadvantage at this point in his career, but he has a great future ahead of him. As my tagline suggests, IMO there are three bright lights in the Conservative movement today :
*BOBBY JINDAL* SARAH PALIN * ERIC CANTOR *. If you can find me a good solid Conservative Republican who actually has experience, and has a chance to get elected, I will support him or her.
Freeper-Jindal/Palin flame war

Two of those bright lights don't even believe in evolution. And Cantor's big idea is to imitate Newt Gingrich-a guy who resigned in disgrace.

I am so looking forward to 2010 and 2012.



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