Monday, March 16, 2009

Did you hear this one?

These two Irish grave diggers, Sean and Seamus, were digging a grave across the street from the local brothel. A little after lunch time, Sean spots a Lutheran minister walking down the street and head into the whore house.

"Hey Seamus," Sean says. "Look at that thieving, lying shameful Lutheran minister goin' in the whore house! If his parishioners only knew."

"Aye if they only knew what that filthy Lutheran was doing in midday, Seamus."

A half an hour later the Lutheran minister leaves the brothel beaming from ear to ear while Seamus and Sean alternated hushed curses of "whore monger, charlatan, servant of Satan..."

A short while later, Vicar Talbot from the local Anglican Church rounds the corner, walks down the street and goes into the whore house.

"Sean...lookie there. That filthy English vicar likes the whores too."

"Oh for Pete's sake Seamus! These false prophets peddling idolatry are surely leading their flock astray If only his parishioners knew what a filthy whore monger he was."

A half an hour later, the vicar leaves the whore house beaming from ear to ear.

"Pederast. Whore monger. Liar." Sean and Seamus curse.

A half an hour later Father O'Shaugnesey, from St. Stephen's, rounds the corner and makes his way to the whore house.

"Seamus, doff your hat." Sean hand over his heart deadpans, "There is a girl a dying in there."

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