Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Veteran's Day, what is your goverment hiding from you?

Came across this article on CNN:

Read all about it here

Amazing. Our government, in their infinite wisdom, made these men sign non-disclosure agreements to keep them quiet about these atrocities. Could you imagine going through something like that and then not even being able to talk to your family about it? That would make me go insane. No wonder so many veterans are in desperate need of psychological care.

I hope this guy publishes his diary. I'd like to read it, as morbid as that sounds.


MrBold said...

I've been to Buchenwald but they did say anything about this on the tour.

I'm a bit dubious about our government's rationale for the nondisclosure agreement. I wonder if the forced silence on this subject was a tool used to pave the way for normal relations with Germans post war.

at my desk said...

That sounds much more likely, honestly. Our leaders would have wanted to get things back to normal as quickly as possible, and shutting up some US soldiers about their time in those camps would certainly have helped that cause. It's just a shame that so many Americans had to silence themselves.


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