Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Open call for blog roll links from the contributors.

If you're listed as a contributor here and there are blogs you regularly follow, shout them out to me and I will add them to the blog roll. It doesn't have to be about politics. I'd like the site to reflect the diversity in our authorship.

The Management


S. City said...

Not exactly all blogs but my favorites sites are:

Of course, I can haz cheezburger:

And I also enjoy some rollerderby bloggins:

Which naturally lead to:

Also highly recommended for the crafty is

Finally, I like to keep up on my local urban scene at:

at my desk said...

This is completely random, but if you've never checked out Cake Wrecks,, there are some really hilariously awful cakes on that page. You should search for the lifelike baby and the tied dyed tier cake.

Pubwoof said...

I don't follow too many blogs, but these are some sites I frequent...

MrBold said...

Alright. Got it.


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