Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who will be our new Treasury Secretary?

There are three names floating around right now, although there are some "unnamed others", apparently: Timothy Geithner, Lawrence Summers and Paul Volcker.

This is such an important decision at this point in time. I think that either Geithner or Volcker would be a great choice. They've already weathered some financial crises, and seem to me to have a wealth of experience.

I was reading Wikipedia articles about each of these men, and Lawrence Summers scares me the most. He's a very vocal sexist pig, and is extremely controversial. I think he'd be the wrong choice for Obama's administration, and this position in particular, considering the economic mess he would have to clean up and his seemingly argumentative nature. I sincerely doubt that he would be an easy man to work with. And then there's this:

"In the fall of 2001 the US national media focused their attention on a private meeting in which Summers criticized prominent African-American Studies professor Cornel West, for missing too many classes, contributing to grade inflation, and neglecting serious scholarship. West, who later called Summers both "uninformed" and "an unprincipled power player" in describing this encounter in his book Democracy Matters (2004), subsequently returned to Princeton University, where he taught prior to Harvard University." - from the Wikipedia article on Summers

Seems as though he's not only a sexist pig, but a racist as well. I just hope he is showing his true colors to our President Elect.


MrBold said...

It's like she's done this all before!

Wow...what a great post At My Desk.

MrBold said...

I don't know enough about Geithnier. Volcker is a good guy and competent. Being a former Carterite, I think he should be retired by now.

at my desk said...

Thanks, Mr. Bold. Just trying to get my feet wet a little. Glad you enjoyed it!

There really wasn't a ton of information on Geithner, but he sounds like a fairly competent guy. I agree that Volcker seems a little old, but with age comes experience? I don't know, but Summers is definitely the wrong guy for this position. And I think I'd just want to kick him in the shins over and over if I ever saw him in person.


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