Thursday, November 6, 2008

That's Robert Gibbs on the right. He is Obama's Press Secretary now.


at my desk said...

Has anyone ever seen the Dana Carvey stand-up special where he makes fun of Ross Perot, dancing around on stage saying, "Can I finish?", over and over again? That's what I was thinking about while watching this video. Wow.

MrBold said...

Yeah. That's a very apt comparison. It's great that Gibbs could take Hannity there.

Did you see the Rocky Anderson, mayor of Salt Lake City take on Hannity? Hannity was running all over the place like a buffoon, but was able to talk over Rocky unfortunately.

at my desk said...

Watching that video made me even more confident that Obama's going to be making some wise choices over the next few weeks and months. I love to watch Hannity falter and start speaking gibberish.

I did not see that, but wish I had. Too bad he was actually able to talk over him. I am going to search youtube for that one.


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