Sunday, September 28, 2008

The McCain campaign is imploding.

That's what we're seeing. Monday started with a crisis on Wall Street. Bush and Congress were telling us that we needed to do something big in response. And what does McCain do? He announces he's suspending his campaign and may not even show up to the debate on Friday to give full attention to the bail out.

But he didn't really suspend his campaign. His surrogates went out and Palin did a god awful interview. McCain commercials aired on TV.

On Thursday he goes to the White House and blows up the deal that the House Dems and Teasury Secretary Paulson worked out. McCain does all this without even offering a plan of his own or indicating he's even starting working on one. It should be noted that the House Republicans are against the proposed plan too, but their plan, instead of being some viable rational alternative, is nothing but more tax breaks for corporations without addressing any of the causes for this mess in the first place.

On Friday McCain shows up to the debate. There's no bailout plan. There is no plan operative right now at all. McCain flip flopped in 24 hours with nothing to show for it.

Whether McCain had a stroke or not, he is acting very erratically. And that's not good.



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