Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Do you really bounce back from this kind of debut?


Sunshine said...

I am going to stick up for Palin, but in a way you will like.

When you raise children, there are many times you have to throw your arms in the air and say, "shit happens". You can give them as much guidance as possible and they make their own choices when you finally send them out into the world. So holding her pregnant daughter against her like the media does, isn't fair. That doesn't make her a bad person. Some of the best children and mothers have come out of a teenage pregnancy. As for the down-syndrome baby, this makes me sick that the media would use a mentally challenged child as leverage and looked on as a weakness. Sara should have the sense to know that the older you get, the greater the risk of these things happening. Therefore, if you don't believe in abortion, practice safe sex, or learn to keep it in your pants. I could never abort my own child, but I'm all for a woman's right to choose.

All of this aside, my biggest problem...if you make the choice to be a mother, then be a mother FIRST. You can't be in politics and be a great mother to your children. Women across the world probably shrieked at the statement I just made, but ultimately, it's the woman that decides to take on another life, and that should be the main priority (especially five of them) I gave up a career, and a damn good one, because I made the choice to be a mother. I don't think everybody has to go to the degree that I did, but I don't see where it's possible to juggle politics and be a good mother at the same time.

Sorry so long.

S. City said...

how old was she when she had trig?

i have heard DS babies are very happy babies- they hardly ever cry- and they bring much joy to their parents but i do think its kinda irresponsible and greedy to get knocked up in your 40s (assuming her age here) when you already have 4.

the teen pregnancy thing only is relevant in my opinion if she only taught her daugher abstinence, because that is foolish and also irresponsible parenting, IMHO.

Sunshine said...

I have a neice who has down-syndrome, and I have to say, "she is wonderful." She is very sweet, and giving. Plus, she doesn't have to g0 through the typical tribulations that average children deal with (especially teens) because they don't comprehend being popular, or the feeling of being accepted-like a click. Basically, they are happy people. They do have feelings (and they get hurt), but it differs from the kind of feelings we have.

I am so glad my sister-in-law didn't abort her because I would have missed the chance of having her in my life. However, the older you get, the higher your chances are of having a DS baby. So, even though they are a blessing, it is a LOT to deal with on a day-to-day basis. They require so much more care than a normal child, and it goes way beyond adolescence, they need to be cared for their entire lives. Not that it's a bad thing, I commend those parents that have DS children. I just don't think a mother of this "special" kind of child has any business being at any job that calls them away from their child, especially a downs kid.


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