Thursday, September 18, 2008

The numbers are trending back to Obama's favor.

I checked the DKos poll and it's Obama 49-McCain 43. The Palin bounce is over as voters get better informed of her views. McCain still looks like a continuation of Bush policy which has led to record deficits and a failing economy.

And let's not discount Obama. He's swinging hard at McCain-

That's what someone who lives in reality sounds like on the campaign trail.


Anonymous said...

Dems are gaining ground but Missouri still appears to be a red state. Is this a concern?

Anonymous said...

LOL yeah it is if one's intent is social engineering though wealth and income redistribution. lmao

Anonymous said...

and btw pick your poison on the polls because Rasmussen has Obama up by 1 over McCain (which is statisitcally insugnificant). This is nothing more than an Obama bounce after a tumultuous week of economic uncertainty on Wall Street--but short lived nonetheless when it comes to the mass of idiot voters we have in this country today.


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