Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Republican Convention looked like a Riot.

Literally. Not to worry though, the police remembered to bring the smoke, and concussion grenades. There was good coverage of the war at the convention. Poor CNN reporter said it was some sort of chemical agent.

Fred Thompson's speech was laughable. He blames the democrats for the last 8 years of "Happy Days" I come out of tonight's coverage of the Republican convention feeling a lot better about the Democrats run.

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MrBold said...

I saw Lieberman and was disgusted.

wabah58 said...

Me too. That guy is a tool. The sheep in the crowd didn't seem to like him much either.

MrBold said...

You know I think John in his heart would like to recreate his party in a Goldwater fiscal conserv/social liberal kind of fashion but the Conservatives won't have it. They actually want more of the same policy that got them where we are. And so you have McCain hanging with people he probably doesn't like much pandering to the finish.

This isn't a campaign. It's a maverick retirement party.


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