Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Clinton to Concede Friday

Various sources including the NYT, CNN, and NBC are now reporting that Clinton has decided to concede the nomination and endorse Barack Obama this Friday. The decision was made during or shortly after a conference call with 23 superdelegate Clinton supporters including Congressman Charles Rangel of New York. Reports characterize Rangel's demeanor in particular as being angry for what he considered to be an incredibly ingracious non-concession speech that clearly put her own desires above the needs of the overall party. There were also indications that many other Clinton supporters, who now wish to move on to the general election behind Obama, expressed resentment regarding the implied threats that she and her supporters would withold their support from the presumptive nominee if they didn't get their way.

I didn't include any specific links since the news is just breaking. I'll have some more later on in the way of analysis once I better organize my thoughts. Surely, there has been a lot to digest over the past 24 hours.



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