Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot Air gives us a two-fer-The Obama bash while putting words in a dead man's mouth.

I've been noticing that Conservatives seem to be forming a consensus that Carlin was a bitter old man on the blogosphere. While trying to find some high profile Conservatives really telling us how they feel about George Carlin I spotted this at Hot Air:

"...True to form, he told HuffPo a few months ago that he was intrigued by Obamania — partly because the sheeplike American public that made him a star would never embrace true Change unless it was dragged along, dimwittedly, by some liberal’s cult of personality...."

From Hot Air's "The obligatory “George Carlin dies at 71″ post.

This is the Huffington Post part referenced above:
Question: "Wow. Okay, so let me ask you this: You brought up the Obama thing, and you seemed to have done so sincerely and not with irony or being jaded. How do you view that as a phenomenon, even as one you don't want to belong to?"

Well, it's an exciting story to watch. What's exciting is that it doesn't happen in this country very often. There were moments in the history of the American people - and by the way, one of the reasons I got off the train of the American experience is I think - I'll get back to Obama in a minute - I think that human beings were given great gifts and had great potential and they squandered it all on goods, possession, power, territory and on a superstitious God that watches everything and controls. These things, I think, crippled the human animal to the extend that we never lived up to their potential. The same thing happened in this country. We were given great potential. We were given this great system of self-government, the best one that had been devised so far. And we've given it all up for gizmos, and goods, and toys and possessions, and - in this country - God, overlooking everything and spoiling everything.

So... there have been moments in this country when people have, leaders have emerged who were inspirational, and who could carry the people with them because — in order to effect change in their lives and experience as a group, they need to be led, and they need to believe in something and they need to believe in themselves, and they need to believe that they can change things. And they way that happens is through an inspirational leader. FDR was that, Franklin Roosevelt - he gave people something to believe in, and mainly it was themselves, that they could weather the storm, and he got them through the Depression and a fuckin' World War. So, these things happen and they're interesting to notice - I don't know how much overall meaning it has, I do respect what's going on as a true American phenomenon, this rising up of someone who - maybe, I don't know - has the quality to inspire people.

Carlin Huffington Post interview

Carlin compared Obama to FDr and Hot Air thinks this is calling people sheeple.

You really have to wonder what the fuck these Conservatives are smoking.



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