Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here's a Liberal talking like a Conservative-

I caught this on NYC's Craigslist RnR page and found it hysterical:

Let me explain why John McCain is a LOSER

Reply to:
Date: 2008-06-19, 10:09PM EDT

The main reason is because he was a POW.

Let's look at what a POW is. He is a soldier who FAILED AT HIS MISSION and BLEW IT and now is running for his life behind enemy lines. He is the one cowering in the bushes while Commie Vietnamese soldiers point rifles and do things to him only a dog should endure. He is the guy begging for his life, giving up TRADE SECRETS so a yellow penis does not enter his butt and sucking dick for brownie points so he can have a hot rice and noodle meal. He is the guy giving up his friends and fellow soldiers because he wants to LIVE, the guy the Commies are laughing at and wondering how far he will go.

John McCain could have done the honorable thing and TOOK HIS LIFE. Every Islamic suicide bomber is braver than John McCain. Every soldier who died in Vietnam in a hail of Commie bullets is braver than John McCain. Every pilot who went MIA in Vietnam is braver than John McCain. McCain got lost, separated, and GAVE IT UP to the Commies so he could live another day. He has not told HALF of what happened because the other half is degrading: possible homosexual acts for food and brownie points, possible secrets told and men dead because ambushes were set up from information he gave Commie generals, and possible anti-American acts and videos filmed by Commies for fun and profit. Who knows what McCain did to stay alive while his brave friends DIED in Vietnam?

POWs are COWARDS. And so is John McCain.

It hits all the buttons for Conservatives. It charges homosexuality, a lack of honor and bravery in a big ball of machismo laden prose.

Try it on a conservative and tell me how it works out.



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