Friday, June 27, 2008

Things that made me mad and things that made me glad this week

First, This made me glad tho I expect you will disagree, Mr. Bold:

Now, I do realize too many children are killed accidentally each year by handguns and I think it is just awful. However, I have never known a criminal to consider the law when picking up a handgun. Taking handguns out of the hands of home owners only puts the home owner at a disadvantage to protect himself and his home. Or in my case, her home. I have 2 handguns myself - they are loaded and stashed in various locations in my home, along with my 9mm rifle. Paranoid? Maybe- but as a single woman living in the #1 most dangerous city in the USA, I am not taking any chances. Anyone who put their own personal safety into the hands of the govament is a damned fool, IMHO. Ban guns or dont ban guns, I am keeping mines.

Second, This made me absolutely livid yesterday:
This is the first Supreme Court decision I havent agreed with (as far as I have been paying attention, anyway) I have always held the highest regard for our highest court- but this here decision is just plain bullshit. Actually BANNING execution for pedophiles- rather than allowing each state to make its own decision- is an abuse of power in my opinion. Cruel and unusual punishment my ass. Executing an adult who rapes a child under 12 is just in my eyes- and I dont even have any children. I am just furious about this. Execution is appropriate for treason but not for raping an 8 year old child? Utter bullshit. Yes, I am very mad about this.

Lastly, I was thrilled to read this morning that Archibishop Burke is leaving St. Louis. Good riddance, mofo. Go make trouble somewhere else. You suck!

Mr Bold adds:

I've never been for banning handguns S. City. I'm for common sense regulation, but not an outright ban. In fact I don't know too many liberals who are for banning handguns outright. Making this a left/right issue only serves to help the nuts at the NRA (National Republican Association).

Regarding the SCOTUS decision about death for child rapists-

Hmm that's an interesting argument you make S. City using treason to overcome the punishment should be proportional to the crime point. However in almost all of the cases I read in U.S. history only the Rosenberg's seem to have been executed without being complicit in the killing of Americans.

You may be pissed off by the decision S. City, but I view it as victory for the boys in general population who will have no end of fun torturing and probably killing these guys.

And I'm glad to see Burke go as well. His zealotry didn't do the Catholic Church any good in St. Louis.


S. City said...

oh- i thought liberals were anti-gun and conservatives were pro-gun but that really never made any sense to me.

Anyway, I am not real sure what this means: "Hmm that's an interesting argument you make S. City using treason to overcome the punishment should be proportional to the crime point" but i think raping a child to the point she has to have surgery is a more heinous crime the treason.

AND i know that capital punishment is more expensive than life in prison but I think its an appropriate punishment for the crime- and at least the child doesnt have to fear for the rest of his life that the monster will ever get released (or escape)

BUT most importantly, I think the statets should be allowed to decide for themselves on the issue.

MrBold said...

Well the basic reason I disagree with you here is that the punishment should fit the crime. That's what an eye for an eye means.

Putting these guys to death would be taking a head for an eye.

Your treason argument was interesting because that could be a crime that we punish disproportionately to the crime. However when I reviewed the list of people put to death for treason, they all killed Americans at some point in commission of their crime.

Because this was a clear violation of the 8th amendment I think this was decidely correctly.

S. City said...

I think death is an appropriate punishment for raping a child. I actually think murdering someone is often a lesser crime- esp when its some dumb gang killing or robbing someone and killing them out of fear.

Raping a child is the most malicious, heinous and disgusting crime I can think of. Furhter, it robs the victim of quality of life before the child has even had a chance to enjoy a quality life.

Think of it this way:

a 60 year old man who lived his whole life, raised a family, etc. is killed during a robery.


an 8 year old child who was raped and has the live the rest of her life with the physical and psychological scars, the therapy, the damage to her personal relationships, her view on life for ever after.

If you had to be one of those people, who would you choose?

I would rather be the 60 year old man. I would rather be dead than live thru what that 8 year old girl has gone thru and will continue to go through.


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