Tuesday, October 7, 2008


How can we trust either of you with our money when both parties got us into this global economic crisis?

BO-If less money is coming in you do less. You are right there is enough blame to go around. But let's remember some history. When G Dub came into office we had a surplus. We doubled our debt. While it's true no one is completely innocent, but we have had the biggest increases in history and JM voted for 4 out 5 of those budgets.

You may have seen your premiums going up. And we are sending money overseas. We also got to make spending cuts. I am cutting more than I'm spending. It will be a net spending cut.

JM-Well Theresa. The system in D.C. is broken. I have been a consistent reformer. I've reached across the aisle. I've worked with [crazy] Joe LIEberman. Let's look at our records and not just rhetoric. Go to some of the watchdog organizations that watch us. BO has the most liberal big spending record. BO is proposing 860 billion in new spending. He voted for every increase in spending while we were working on eliminating pork. Do we need to spend money for projectors? [huh?]. We are looking for the kind of reforms that get our economy moving again. Energy independence is one way to do that. I know how to fix our economy.

TB-there are new economic realities. What are your priorities?

JM-Health, entitlement, energy-we can all three at the same time.

We are going to have to sit down between Rethug and Democrat. I remember Reagan and Tip O'Neal. [yeah because you're really old]. We can do all of this as Americans. Health care everyone is struggling. That's the next issue. We can do them all at once.

BO-We're going to have to prioritize- Energy we have to deal with today. You are paying 3.80 in Nashville. It's important to our security. I've called for 15 billion a year investment. 10 years we could be free from Mid East oil. Health care is priority #2. It's bad for families. And 3 Education.

One more thing looking through records. I want to go through line by line and eliminate programs that don't work. We also have to look at where are taxes are going. He wants to give corporations tax breaks taking money out of the system and not working for you.



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