Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Since WW2 we haven't had to sacrifice. What sacrifice would you ask us to make to get out of this morass we're in?

JM-I first proposed a long time to eliminate every agency that's not working. I know Defense spending isn't working. I believe we have to eliminate those earmarks. They will have to undergo the same scrutiny. I recommend a spending freeze. [holy shit he wants to shut down government again].

we can't do this behind closed doors. I want to go back. We can attack health care and energy at the same time. I'm not going to tell you're going to have to wait.

BO- You know a lot of you remember 9/11 and how all of the country and make enormous changes and to make us a better country. bush did some smart things at the outset. He said though...go out and shop. That's not the kind of call to service. The American people are hungry for the kind of leadership. There is going to be the need for each one of us to rethink how we use energy. We need to tell those oil companies that all those acres they've granted to start using those. But we need to give ncentives to you the consumer. To buy fuel efficient cars...appliances. I think the young are especially interested. I want to increase the peac corps and domestic peace corps.

TB-Bush said Wall Street got drunk how would you break those bad habits of too much debt?

BO-I think it starts with D.C. If we're running up these debts people think that there is easy money out there. It's starts at spending. But also revenue side. Earmarks account for 18 billion of our budgets. When he's propose giving your average ceo 700K in tax breaks, that's not asking for someone to contribute.

I disagree with the across the board spending freeze. that's a hatchet and I want to use a scalpel.

JM-Nailing down BO's tax proposals is like nailing jello to a wall. There's been like 6 plans. BO's secret is that you don't know, is that his tax increases will raise taxes on 50% of small businesses. Lets not raise anyone's taxes. I am in favor leaving the tax rates alone. There will a 5K tax credit for insurance. Let's not raise anyone's taxes.



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