Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well McCain brought the full wing nut side out.

I guess if you're the Michelle Malkins/Sean Hannities of the world you're happy with McCain's performance tonight. I imagine the wingnuts are only pissed off that he didn't run with it sooner.

It doesn't matter though. Americans could care less about some hippie radical from the 1960s. It's 2008 and the Nixon strategies don't work.

And if I picked "Joe the Plumber" as a drinking word I would be too soused to write this.

Luckily for me I picked "middle class." Thanks O for bringing them up a couple of times : )


wabah58 said...

You know, Joe the plumber makes more money than the average family practice doctor in St.Louis. I should went to plumbing school man.

Joe laughs at Doctors pay

MrBold said...

Plumbing or electrician. Both are unionized if that tells you something about Joe's path to wealth.

Joe cracks me up. 'you're going to tax me more write for making 225K a year?"

Yeah Joe just like the rest of the hot shit partners who push paper at my firm.

MrBold said...

about the typos.
sorry I am a bit tipsy

S. City said...

yeah but who would want to unclog toilets and pipes? DEE-Skusting!

wabah58 said...

So they are interviewing "Joe the plumber" on TV right now. He has been answering questions for 1 1/2, in front of his house. 11:09 and Joe still isn't working yet. His house looks like a Lemay house. Atbest maybe a old house in Arnold. Joe says he is a conservative. He is a single dad. He thinks social security is a scam.

Average pay for a plumber in the mid-west is $44,000 a year.

Joe is full of shit, no surprise there though, after all he is a conservative.

MrBold said...

Joe is exactly the kind of guy that Obama's policies are going to help. Unfortunately that chowder head will donate more to the Republicans like an idiot.


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