Tuesday, October 7, 2008


should the US respect pakistani sovereignity and follow al qaeda?

BO-we have a difficult situation in Pakistan. We had bad judgement by going into Iraq. Ultimately OBL escaped. They are now raiding. Destabilizing the situation. That's why I think it's important to reverse course. they are plotting to kill americans right now. Part of the reason I think to end the war in Iraq is to put more troops in Afghanistan and pressure Pakistan. I propose to encourage democracy in Pakistan and expand our aid to that country to increase cooperation. If we have al qaeda in our sights, and Pakistan won't act. We have to act.

JM-My hero is a guy named Teddy Roosevelt. BO wants to talk loudly. He has announced he wants to attack Pakistan. When you announce your going to launch an attack in pakistan it turns them against.

We drove out Russia Afghanistan and we left. Taliban moved in. The borders are being held by those tribes and taliban has safe haven. We need to help Pakistan go into Waziristan to get them to turn against the cruel taliban.

BO-look I want to be clear. No one called for invasion of pakistan. What I said was the same thing I said here. If Pakistan won't take OBL out we should. They are threatening to kill more Americans. Now JM wants to paint me as green behind the ears. He sang Bomb bomb bomb Iran. Next up Baghdad. He doesn't speak softly. The popular opinion soured in Pakistan because we were not promoting democracy. These are policies that undermine our war on terrorism.

JM-not true. I have supported those efforts and i have opposed those that I didn't think so. I was joking with an old veteran about Iran. I know how to handle these crisis. I'll get OBL my friends. And I know how to do it. but I'm not going to telegraph my punches [if you know it you better share it.]

tb-the Sr. british cmdr said we are failing in Afghanistan. We need an acceptable dictator. How do you reorganize afghan strategy?

BO-We withdraw our troops from Iraq responsibly. McKiernan in Afghanist is desperate for help. We will have to work with the Karzai gov't. We want a democracy and it has to be responsible.

JM-Petraeus just took over the whole area. BO is correct on some things. We have to expand our presence there. We have to have the same strategy that we used in Iraq that BO won't even admit he was wrong about. So I have confidence that Petraeus will again succeed.

TB-How can we apply pressure on Russia?

JM we're not going to have a cold war in Russia. But they're behavior is outside of the lines of acceptable behavior. I saw Putin's eyes. i saw KGB. he has oppressed the liberties most nations in that class don't. We got to advocate for Ukranian membership in NATO. We got to show them that this naked aggression in Georgia will not be tolerated. The russkies must understand these kind of activities is unacceptable.

BO-The resurgence of Russia is a central issue in next presidency. We can't just provide moral support. We've also got to provide them with financial and concrete assistance to rebuild they're economies. We also got to see around the corners and anticipate these problems. I wrote in April that the situation in Georgia was unsustainable. Part of the job of the next cmder in chief is to anticipate. We tend to be reactive. Energy is going to be key with dealing with Russia. If we reduce our oil demand they earn less petrodollars.

TB-yes or now is Russia an evil empire.

BO-they're not the old russia but they are doing some evil things.

JM-maybe. Energy is going to be a big factor. That's a reason why it's in our interest. They got to understand they are facing a firm America.



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