Thursday, October 16, 2008

A bomb went off at the office today

I cant believe it. One minute, we are all stuffing ourselves on the wonderful breakfast the secretaries made for bosses day and the next minute we heard an thunderous boom. The fire alarms started going off and we all wondered if it was for real or another false alarm. I decided not to take any chances, grabbed my blackberry and my purse and headed for the stairs.

On my way down, I saw blood all over the floor of the parking garage on level P6. Someone said one of the maintainence men was all bloody. I called the secretaries from my cell and told them this is not a joke and they need to get out now.

Once outside, the firetrucks showed up and they blocked off the street and told us to get far away from the building. Then, they wheeled the guy out on a stretcher and he was all bloody, and he was not moving. He was still holding his hands out as if he was still holding something. He was about 50-60, grey haired and in a button down shirt. It was so upsetting to see.

An intern saw the whole thing happen- the guy was getting into his car and found a package next to it. He picked it up and it blew up in his face.

After I heard that, I started walking home and calling/texting/emailing everyone I know for a ride. My car is still in the garage where the bomb went off and we cant go back in for many hours at least. After hoofing it about 2 miles, a friend picked me up and took me home. Not sure how I will get back to work tomorrow....if they let us back in.

See coverage:


KSDK local coverage



MrBold said...

Holy cow! I just read something about it on CL, but I didn't think it was in your building.

I'm glad you're home safe.

Call a cab to get to work tomorrow.

S. City said...

yeah i will, if i even go back tomorrow. i have heard they found another bomb but that is not confirmed yet. at least they are finally admitting it was a bomb.

At My Desk said...

Wow, S. City, glad you are alright. Sorry to hear about what happened. I would be terrified!

wabah58 said...

Do they have secutity cameras in that garage?

S. City said...

yes they do but *i think* they are only in the glass enclosures that house the elevators. if the bomber took the stairs, he couldve avoided the cameras

S. City said...

today i learned that the bomb did not actually go off- only the detonator worked. this is why the guy who found the bomb was only burnt and not blown to pieces. also, considering that there were almsot 1,300 cars- with fuel tanks- in the garage, we would have been in some serious shit if the bomb had not failed. of course no one is telling us this- i heard it from two guys who spoke to the police when being escorted to retreive their cars last night. needless to say, i have left the building.

MrBold said...

Oh thank god.

Are there any federal offices in your building? What could have been the motivation for this?

S. City said...

no there are no federal offices. apparently the bomb was placed wednesday between 4:30 and 4:45pm, around the same time hundreds of people were leaving a seminar on voter fraud. he wore a yellow parka to the knees with a hood and sunglasses. the bomb was in a wicker basket with a bow and some balloons. the balloons helped conceal his face and they dont even know what race he was.

MrBold said...

Oh that's bizarre!!! This guy is another Kazinski. Fan-freakin-tastic.

Well I guess be thankful that it didn't go off and that he probably won't return again to that location.

How publicized was the voter fraud seminar?

S. City said...

i dont know, i hadnt heard about it- until i saw the signs in the elevators directing people which conf rooms to go to. i was actually in the garage at the same time as he was planting the bomb- but I was on the bottom floor, and he was on the top. crazy

and correction: the parka was orange (my bad) and there is a video:


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