Monday, October 13, 2008

No limit Rants and Raves-Open thread

Craigslist instituted a 5 posting limit across the board today. With that final nail and the unethical flaggers, I think it's safe to say at this point what used to be a vibrant often foul, sometimes golden stream of collective consciousness is dead.

Oh well.


wabah58 said...

Is that a day? Where is the info on this change? WTF?

MrBold said...

Well it was for today. I tried posting on some other boards and got the same result. 5 posts per account appears to be the new rule.

At My Desk said...

Wow, simply amazing. I used to enjoy R&R if only to read absolute trash and laugh at it, and now only 5 posts a day? I guess the auto flagging going on there and the constant pictures of that stupid cake lady (and the fat guy, gross!) were the straw that broke the camel's back, in St. Louis, anyway. CL is dead.

S. City said...

does that include the forums? and whats to prevent someone from having multiple accounts thru multiple email addys?

MrBold said...

That doesn't include forums. I posted there a bit last yesterday and you can actually post pics and links once you've built up a history there.

Posting with multiple addys is out now because they added the phone verification system. Now you can only have as many accounts as you have telephone numbers.


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