Tuesday, October 7, 2008


How will our economic stress affect our nation's ability to act as a peace maker in the world?

JM-well strong nations have to have a strong economy. We heard about a lot of criticism about America's foreign policy. America is a force for good. we shed our blood in defense of others. The challenge is to know when America can beneficially effect an outcome. That question can only be answered by those with experience and judgement when it can prevent genocide. Going back to our marines in lebanon. my judgement is something demonstrated in my record.

BO-Well JM suggested that I don't understand. It's true I don't understand how we could invade Iraq when OBL is in Afghanistan. JM suggested it would be quick and easy. That was the wrong judgement. On of things with Iraq is that it has put an enormous strain on our troops and our budgets. We spend close to 700 billion there and over a trillion if you follow McCain. Iraq has a surplus. And McCain hasn't explained how he is going to pay for anything he is proposing. The strain that has put on our alliances and it has constrained us to act on somehting like Darfur. That's going to change when I'm prez.

TB-let's establish the obama doctrine and mccain doctrine. Take the congo or rwanda. What is the conditions for use of force?

BO-If we could have stopped rwanda surely if we had the ability that is something to consider and act. If ethnic cleansing is going on and we are standing idly by. That has to be a part of our interest. But we will not be able to be everywhere at the same time.

JM-let me follow up my friends. If we would have done what Obama would have done in Iraq, we would have withdrawn and al qaeda would have come back in Iran would be stronger. I will bring our troops home with honor. We must do what we can to prevent but we must do what we can do to benefit the situation. In lebanon I stood up to Reagan [you're really freaking old] and asked how could we beneficially affect this situation.

I understand we have to say never again to rwanda. but we should leave and make the situation worse



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