Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank Odin is Friday! It's an open thread ya'll.

Well everyone in my office is talking about last night's debate. That in itself is pretty cool.

Feel free to write about whatever you feel like here.


wabah58 said...

During the debate lastnight, Sara Palin winked at me. Did you guys see it?

MrBold said...

Dude she winked at me like 6 times. I started tossing my container of visine at the tee-vee hoping it would be transmitted through to her.

Although I'll be celebrating when her ticket goes down in defeat, I will remain wistfully reflecting on those sincere lick of her lips and winks she gives when she's talking to you and me.

Hell I might have to move to Alaska.

S. City said...

i liked her suit but the rest of the debate was all smoke and mirrors. neither of them answered the actual questions, they just regurgitated whatever professionally written speeches were on their notecards. They should not be allowed to use notecards. This is the vice presidential debate, not some highschool drama club play. LAME.

MrBold said...

lulz...well I think Palin certainly looked like a high school level debater. I thought Biden did pretty well.


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