Saturday, July 26, 2008

Club Music Saturday with Elvis Crespo

Here he is with "Sauvemente."


Sunshine said...

I took spanish in school, and can never understand the words to the music, but I love the beat and the accent. It makes me want to put on a red dress and dance prevocatively. Also, if you close your eyes you can feel like you're in Mexico!

MrBold said...

If you double click on the video Sunshine, you'll open up the youtube version of this. It has the full lyrics to this sound in the info section on the top right. It's pretty cool.

My girlfriend is really into ballroom dancing and of course that means by extension I have to be. She was watching a ballroom dance competition on PBS the other night when this song came on and I thought "Man that's hot!"

Salsa dancing is a lot of fun. The music is poppin' and the girls are smoking.

If you go to youtube, check out he Paul Cless version of this. He's from Brazil I think. It's also a great club version of this song.

Sunshine said...

That's really cool that you go ballroom dancing with your girlfriend. /you must really love her by the way you said that.

The cool thing about the women and salsa dancing is...they don't even have to be drop-dead-gorgeous, just the way the music moves you makes you sexy. And you can't forget the "Salsa" outfits, HOT!


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