Friday, July 18, 2008

Open thread

The chat widget on the left is good for quick short messages. Post here if you want to have a conversation with someone.



Sunshine said...

The poster that's moniker is "BoldSuxCocksInHell"...I think is about ready to lose it! This shit is making me laugh hysterically. These people are actually getting peeved about the posts you are putting up.

I am starting to believe the majority of them don't have a lick of sense. Any idiot could recognize the posts you have posted over and over again, and just pass them up, duh!

Be happy for me, I'm going to a party tonight and have every intention of getting ripped...damn, that's twice in one week-I better knock it off!

Sunshine said...

I forgot to mention, Mr. Bold, the Aries in you is showing persistent!

S. City said...

WOO HOO! Wheres the party?

jk, i am staying in tonight and sewing something special for a fren and hanging with my boo before i jet for KC in the am...

MrBold said...

re sunshine

This is day 7 of the flagging war.

I should start a chronicle or something.

MrBold said...

So the plan if you all haven't figured it out to add 5 or 6 posts a day to my buddy aka roboflagger until that flagger is spending 20 minutes or longer flagging.


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