Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mr Bold throws down the gauntlet...

...especially to Pubwoof the racing game aficianando.

I just bought GRID today. Here's a nice youtube vid explaining why it is a superior game to Gran Turismo. We can play online if have a ps3.

MR BOLD adds on 7/18-

The game simulates damage really well. You are not going to continue to race if you smash your care. If you ding a front panel good enough, the car will pull to the damaged side.

The game also strikes I think a better balance between playability and realism than GT. Don't get me wrong...I'm looking forward to the full Gran Turismo 5 without this Prelude BS.


Pubwoof said...

"...especially to Pubwoof the racing game aficianando."

Still burns, huh?

The video doesn't convey much other than the new game being faster and less jazzy. Does this game have the selection of customizable cars or the career mode that GT has?

MrBold said...


Yeah it still burns.

Oh yeah GRID allows a lot of customization options.


MrBold said...

Well I take that back...the customization is limited. You can choose team colors and brands and stuff, but there is not the encyclopedia of cars like there is in Gran Tur. But GRID is a much better physics engine.

wabah58 said...

"Still burns" please fill us in.

MrBold said...

Pubwoof has a few types of games that he really loves-racing games and flight simulators among them. When Gran Turismo came out pubwoof was determined and succeeded at becoming the greatest playstation racer of all time.

Becuase I hate to lose, pubwoof took no end of joy at kicking my ass repeatedly.

Pubwoof said...

I'm not sure our GT3 experience was nearly as traumatic for MrB as our Twisted Metal death matches. Now that was some carnage!!!

MrBold said...

You know bro...I thought about bringing that up too but I think the twisted metal franchise has died down. I think they released it for the PS3 already. So we could play that online too.

C'mon man...bring it.


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