Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday open thread. Rant and rave about whatever you feel like.


Sunshine said...

I do not understand this problem in the least, nor does it make any sense to me. I thought since you guys seem to be so computer savvy, maybe you could shed some light on my problem.

On Craigslist I cannot get pictures to come up. They do show if they are the html pictures, but the ones that are in the four boxes at the bottom just show up as little x's. I have called three people in the same area as I am and no one but me has this problem. I don't have a rpoblem with any other website, just CL. It's in all of the categories, i.e. cars &trucks, artists, R/R, everything. Now, I do have an ad posted with pictures in the cars section, and when I go into my e-mail and pull up the ad, it shows the pictures, but when I look at it on CL I get 4 little x's.

Can anyone make any sense of this? Please!

S. City said...

same thing happened to me when i tried to update my myspace blog from the public library.

i dont know what the deal is


Sunshine said...

I have Window's vista and I'm trying to update everything it says reccommended by HP. It just doesn't make any fuk'n sense why it would only be cl. Did it just go away on its own, S. City?

Are you feeling any better? My mom and sister-in-law are both really sick (flu) right now-it's really weird in the middle of July.

MrBold said...

sometimes CL's picture posting option breaks down. I'd check the system status. You can find that on the left side of the CL main page.

Alternatively you could load the picture up to photobucket or image shack and then use the embed image tag. That looks like- img src="put url here" -enclosed in < > on either side.

Sunshine said...


I went to the system status and this is what it had to say:

246: taswira! - we're having issues with image hosting
Updated Fri, Jul 25 - 09:09 PDT
Working on it now. Please expect turbulence with images for a bit.

I am assuming it is a problem with cl by the way it reads, or at least I hope it is, does it sound that way to you?

I have tried the html tag before and didn't have any luck. I will try what you said and see if it works for me.

Well, it's nice to have the voice of reason when you are bordering baldness with this dumb pc bs. Thanks again.

wabah58 said...

I had the same problem at home on my laptop. Pictures would not load. Im at work now and they are working here. Like Bold said, I'd lean to it being a CL problem

wabah58 said...

Sorry you have Vista Sunshine.

Sunshine said...

Well, to us computer blithering idiots, Vista is good. It's like computers for dummies. I was in way worse shape when I had XP. I went into post an ad and there was a "temperalily out of service" in place of "add photos" so I think it is them.

Thanks guys. I wish there was some kind of service I was good at so I could return the favor sometime. Dont' let your head get caught in the gutter with that comment, LOL!


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