Thursday, July 17, 2008

Open thread

Get wordy here.

Myself, I'm on day one hanging with roboposter and luvin' it.


S. City said...

holy smokes i cannot deal with all thecranky MFers around me today. what the hell is wrong with people? its like they just cant go a day without being rude to someone. like, making some crappy comment towards someone validates their own pathetic existence. I am just reminding myself to take them with a grain of salt. there is a reason some people cant hold down steady jobs or relationships- BECAUSE THEY ARE PETTY SMALL MINDED BITTER LITTLE TROLLS AND NO ONE CAN STAND TO BE AROUND THEM FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME.


Sunshine said...

So they are just like the people that post on CL? LOL!

S. City said...

i think it is just too tempting for people to be asses on the innernets where they dont have to look anyone in the eyes.

its so pathetic to act like that.


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