Friday, July 25, 2008

Looking for friends? Need to get out of the house and go drinking with like minded people?

Here's a good organization. It's called Drinking Liberally. It has several spin offs like Reading Liberally and Living Liberally. Heck I think there is a group called Shooting Liberally that goes to gun ranges. My local chapter is meeting tonight. St. Louis has meetings on every other Tuesday and Thursday.

Look up your local chapter here:
Drinking Liberally


Sunshine said...

Since it has been brought up, and this is a political blog...tell me, where does Obama stand on gun issues?

This is an important issue to me. I wouldn't have trusted Hillary with this, but I'm interested to hear Obama's beliefs.

MrBold said...

He has said the 2nd amendment establishes the right own firearms, but that the state also has the power to regulate it.

As I understand his point of view, he thinks the Right and Left have been largely talking past each other on this issue. We all agree that law abiding citizens ought to be able to own a gun, but we also should have common sense regulation that prevents and limits the ability of felons to acquire guns.

Here's a collection of Obama statements about his position on this:

Obama is not out to take any lawful citizen's gun away...but he will probably beef up the ATF and start enforcing the laws on the books.

Sunshine said...

I don't think a fellon should have the right to have a gun at all. If you commit the crime, then you lose your rights, just as your victims did.

I do fully believe in my right to carry and protect myself, however, I think it should be a little more difficult to purchase a gun than just buying one off the street without a permit. If you are truly an upstanding citizen who wishes to hunt, protect, or target practice, then you shouldn't have any problems registering your weapon.

Sunshine said...

I forgot to mention, anyone that owns a gun should damn well know what they are doing with it. How to shoot it, load it, clean it, and know the consequences that come with the responsibility of posessing it.


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