Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Open thread

Now a bit of CL lore-

About Dannybans.

You'll hear Dannybans and Dealz come up a lot. They're two right wing trolls who live on the STL Politics board. Dannybans pretty much set the standard for stupid. He tried arguing with me and when that didn't work he started just copying and pasting whole articles from National Review Online, Free Republic and American Thinker-all rightwing nutty websites. To avoid being accused of spamming, he would use at least 3 monikers and then deny it was him.

Dannybans is most likely the guy who writes the "MR EXPOSED!!!!" posts.

Dealz is smarter but like Dannybans lacks any actual integrity. When you corner Dealz he turns into a spelling nazi.

This is an open thread. Write whatever the Hell you like. And Sunshine can pick the youtube vid tonight.


wabah58 said...

You should tell them some of classic quotes from those guys. The one about the sun, Bold.

Ok here is my favorite Dealz gaff I got on him one time, it was a little before Bold got over there I think. I was trolling not using a moniker for this post.

Wabah58: What is a "LOG CABIN REPUBLICAN"? (Mind you, I was trolling)

Dealz: Im not for sure, but I would imagine it being a strong family values conserative. Like the ones when Abe Lincoln was president, when people lived in Log Cabins.

Oh god it was so funny at the time. He never really recovered from that one. But then Bold got him in one as good, Bold tell them the one about the Sun.

MrBold said...

You mean this one wabah?

click here

Dealz was spouting global warming denier excuse #325-Mars is warming so that means the Sun is causing our warming. In his conclusion to his silly argument he said the sun is the center of the Universe-thereby destroying any cred he had on science issues.

The person he is responding to wasn't me, I just happened to get a screen grab of it.

MrBold said...

If you click on the link and then click on the photo again you can clearly read Dealz's post.

wabah58 said...

Yeah thats the one. I know the gassing of the Kurds on the RnR board was a Dannybans special.

MrBold said...

Yeah "cuckoo" was one of his favorite put downs.

wabah58 said...

So we were having a good time, picking on the Republicans for months over there. Then we started getting E-mails from the FBI, right Bold.

It all went to shit from there.

MrBold said...

Yup then the FBI sent out emails. It wasn't serious because generally the FBI doesn't give you warning. This was because one of the poster's there actually complained to law enforcement about what was written after the same poster told everyone where he lived, his name and all the shit you'd need to know to really harass someone good and proper.

That sucked, but that didn't change my mind about the place. I really did just get tired of dealing with Dealz and Dannybans.

wabah58 said...

I really cut my post back after those FBI warnings about harrasing posters.
For me I went on to get all my accounts put on hold, and my ip banned from work from CL.
That was for posting a IP widget that people freaked out on, and thought I was tracking ip addresses.
I wasn't it was just a joke.

S. City said...

WHAT? FBI warnings?? what did they say?

everytime i see a Mr Bold Exposed post, I think i am gonna see Mr B's wedding tackle

wabah58 said...

Yeah no joke, a agent from the St.Louis office of the FBI e-mailed us all and told us to knock off the threats. It wasn't us though. Ask Bold It was for real.

MrBold said...

OK here's my take on the FBI story.

So you have two idiots who have revealed their identities-Mike V and Allen H.

Allen H. aka Sarge is a real scumbag kid around 24 or 25 years old. He started out picking old man Mike V. writing homo erotica shit. The usual "Oh my dick so big it's gonna split you apart..." blah blah. Remember at the time Sarge started, we didn't know how old he was. In fact he initially came off like a Vietnam era vet.

So Mike V. gets pissed over the ass talk and talks about what he's going to do sexually to Sarge's daughter (we picture 17 or 18 years old). Sarge responded to Mike V's post and slightly altered-wabah noticed it-Mike V's words to make it read like Mike V. wanted to do a two year old-cause Sarge all of the sudden turns into a snot nosed twenty something.

It pretty much went downhill from there with those two. Once Sarge's ID was revealed, it escalated to personal harassment.

Mike V. went over the line and called law enforcement over the usual threats that went back and forth all the time there.

So a guy from the FBI gets contacted and he starts emailing everyone who posted on the board through the posts. He didn't bother to get a subpoenas so I knew it wasn't serious.

That board hasn't been the same since.

wabah58 said...

Yeah what bold said.

MrBold said...

If I would have known how goofy the politics board would've turned out I would have documented more and wrote an anthropology piece on it.

Oh well...shoulda, woulda, coulda.

S. City said...

when was this?? was it on rnr or the politics forum? i still read but cant post since CL "upgraded" to a new verification word captcha whatev that is not compatible with mobiles. i complain every week but they apparently dont care. its mobilescrimination, yo

MrBold said...

A dude from the FBI started emailing people on the politics board. This I believe was around 12/15/07.

S. City said...

So thats all the happened? you just got an email? what did it say? did it threaten action and under what law?

MrBold said...

Oh I can't remember the exact words. There was no law cited or anything like that...that's why I knew it wasn't serious.

The agent gave his name and said please contact us about posts being made in the STL POL board. So I called the guy. He said he was made aware of a feud and threats being made between two posters. I said I know that and said I wasn't the one doing it.

That was that.

MV called him Elliot Ness for a few months like an idiot.

S. City said...

why does that name sound familiar?

MrBold said...

Elliot Ness is Kevin Costner.


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